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Wave 5: 6 Startups Join Mastercard’s Digital Asset Startup Program

Mastercard | Apr 28, 2023

Mastercard startup program - Wave 5:  6 Startups Join Mastercard's Digital Asset Startup Program

Image: Mastercard Startup Crypto program

Six fintech companies from across the globe are joining the Mastercard Start Path Digital Assets program to scale innovative solutions and build the future of commerce 

  • Mastercard is committed to advancing blockchain technology and providing secure and trustworthy solutions for commerce. They recognize the growing importance of digital assets and are actively exploring ways to leverage blockchain to solve real-world problems.


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  • The Start Path Digital Assets program offers selected startups tailored training, access to Mastercard's resources and expertise, and opportunities for technical collaboration. Following 6 chosen startups have already secured seed or Series A and demonstrated product-market fit in digital assets, cryptocurrencies, blockchain value-added services, and the metaverse, and have already secured seed or Series A funding.
    • Axelar (Canada) delivers secure interchain communication for developers to interact with any asset or application on any chain with one click.  
    • Cheeze, Inc. (U.S.) uses the power of blockchain to allow a new way for brands to license user-generated content and help creators unlock additional revenue streams and rewards.
    • Coala Pay (U.S.) tokenizes grant proposals, making it easier than ever to find, fund and track the impact of grassroots aid activities around the world.
    • (China) provides vendors and creators with tools to create their web3-based customer loyalty schemes that enhance scalability and ease navigation between both traditional and virtual worlds. 
    • RociFi Labs (Singapore) builds machine learning and on-chain data solutions that democratize wallet intelligence for credit analytics.
    • Suberra (Singapore) simplifies Web3 payments with an all-in-one infrastructure that accelerates crypto payment acceptance for recurring subscriptions, metaverse commerce, marketplaces and more.

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