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Ways you can help support Ukraine

NCFA Canada | March 2, 2022

stand with Ukraine stop war - Ways you can help support Ukraine

Below is a growing list of ways you can help support Ukraine:




List of Multinational Companies Taking Action

Website Planet (updated weekly):  Multinational companies that have left Russia (and ones that decided to stay)

Links from the Globe and Mail:  Support a verified fundraising campaign for Ukraine

If you see a crowdfunding campaign promising help to Ukraine, check it out carefully to see whether it’s legitimate. Look for an association with a registered charity that will have the means to distribute funds, as well as verification in place. Here are some resources Canadian and Ukrainian organizations are sharing:

Links from Sifted

Help NGOs build digital solutions for a crisis

Tech To The Rescue describes itself as a “voluntary movement of tech companies to help social impact organisations around the world implement digital solutions to scale up their influence”.  The organisation has launched a #TechforUkraine initiative, to help charities in the country digitise and scale up the impact they’re having.

Tech companies can help NGOs build systems for resource distribution, payments and donations, secure messaging and much more. So far, it says 350 companies and 400 freelancers have pledged their support.  It’s planning to launch an internal database of humanitarian aid from various NGOs, a Ukrainian map of Poland with an API to connect and display various forms of support and a chatbot in Ukrainian aggregating useful information from various sources.

👉  The organisation is inviting companies with tech skills to register here.

Get building

Similar to the #TechforUkraine initiative, but for individuals (rather than companies) with tech skills wanting to lend their help, Ukraine Global Taskforce was launched by Gustavo Iwanaga, a Google engineer based in Germany.

He says the purpose of the coalition is to “come together (irrespective of background) and work on various projects globally that will altogether minimise the impact of the war”.

Iwanaga says he has over 300 people in over 48 countries working on projects, from managing the food chain to prepping first aid kits. One goal is to develop a mobile app that will provide Ukrainians with digital solutions and support authorities with real time data.

While Iwanaga’s keen for anyone with skills to sign up — from full stack engineers to UX designers — he’s called out for people in HR to help structure the team.

👉  Interested people can sign up using this form.

Donate a skill

Ukraine Tech Collective matches international software developers with job vacancies left by Ukrainian software engineers who are involved in the war effort.

“Kind of an NGO version of maternity cover,” the initiative aims to make sure developers in Ukraine continue to get paid and small businesses can stay operational.

👉  For more information click on this link.

Hire Ukrainian tech workers remotely

Remote Ukraine is a new employment platform. It matches companies with highly trained tech talent who are looking for work as they try to escape violence in Ukraine. The work can be posted in the form of one-off tasks, short-term contracts or full-time work.

The site also handles payments, so whether you’re looking for short-term or long-term tech support, it seems like a pretty seamless way to hire Ukrainians.

Host Ukrainians in your home

Got a spare room? Sign up on We Help Ukraine if you’re able to host a Ukrainian who needs a place to stay. The platform was launched on Sunday and founder Hugo de Sousa tells Sifted that it’s been “an overwhelming experience” to see how many people have come together to build it in such a short period of time.

👉  Register your interest here.

72 - Ways you can help support Ukraine How your startup can show solidarity. Ukrainian founders have created this guide for businesses that want to "support Ukraine and help stop the war, without firing a bullet".


72 - Ways you can help support Ukraine Other ways the tech community can help. Here are a number of things you can do right now, from helping NGOs build digital solutions for the crisis to offering space in your home for Ukrainian refugees.


72 - Ways you can help support Ukraine Ukrainian tech leaders to follow on Twitter. Sifted has put together a list of people from Ukraine’s global tech community who are sharing their views and experiences from both inside the country and further afield.


72 - Ways you can help support Ukraine #TechForUkraine. Tech To The Rescue’s campaign aims to connect Ukrainian non-profits with tech companies to help them design digital solutions to coordinate humanitarian aid.

72 - Ways you can help support Ukraine72 - Ways you can help support Ukraine Are you a hacker? A Ukrainian cyber startup has launched a new global hackathon and is calling for volunteers to help expose Russian software vulnerabilities.

From National Bank of Ukraine:  NBU Transfers Money From Special Account for Military Needs

As previously reported, the NBU has opened a special multi-currency account to raise funds for the Ukrainian military after the authorities imposed martial law in Ukraine in response to Russia’s armed aggression and the threat to Ukraine’s independence and territorial integrity.

Funds from a payment card can be remitted here.

As before, funds can be wired through a bank account using these payment details.

From Global Blockchain Business Council

While we cannot and do not specifically endorse any of the below mentioned means of support, we encourage everyone to consider how they can assist those who are suffering due to this unprovoked invasion

  1. According to a recent Bloomberg article, and GBBC’s anecdotal assessments based on member feedback, more than US$30mn has been raised in BTC, ETH, USDT, DOT, and DOGE (which has just been officially added). A CryptoPunk NFT, valued at ~US$200,000 was also transferred to Ukraine’s Ethereum wallet. GBBC member Merkle has created a dashboard tracking crypto donations. Here’s the Twitter post calling for cryptocurrency donations posted by the Ukrainian government on Twitter. According to CoinDesk, by Monday morning, ~$6.5 million worth of ether had been moved out of a government wallet to a Kyiv-based crypto exchange to help fund the purchase of critical supplies for evacuees, local military personnel, and the government. The Ukrainian government also announced via Twitter that it will be conducting an airdrop on March 3rd at 6pm Kyiv time to donors that have contributed to its official crypto addresses, this could be the world’s largest crypto airdrop to-date.
  1. Additionally, several DAOs have been set up to raise funds and coordinate aid, including UkraineDAO, set up by Russian art collective Pussy Riot, members of PleasrDAO, and Trippy Labs. set up by Russian art collective Pussy Riot, members of PleasrDAO, and Trippy Labs. The Ukrainian flag NFT being auctioned by the DAO has been sold to a pool of donors for ~US$6.5mn. Proceeds are expected to support Ukrainians affected by the invasion. Whether you agree or disagree with governments using and receiving crypto, the rate at which projects have been deployed and raised money in a crisis is precedent setting. Furthermore, there are DAOs in development that will seek to verify and record information related to the crisis as evidence of war crimes.
  1. On February 25, Mykhailo Fedorov, Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine and Minister of Digital Transformation of Ukraine, announced on Twitter that Ukraine is creating an “IT army” targeting key websites and assets in Russian cyberspace. The “army” is organized under a Telegram chat, where tasks and cyber targets are posted. According to Minister Fedorov all types of digital talents are needed. As of writing, the IT army has more than 275,000 volunteers.

Nicholas Kristof on substack

That said, people keep asking me about Ukraine, and here are some suggestions:

Doctors Without Borders is just a first-rate organization that was already workin in Ukraine and is now figuring out how best to respond to the war there. I’ve seen Doctors Without Borders at work in many war-torn countries and have enormous respect for their courage and commitment. Once when I was fleeing an area in Darfur that I felt was unsafe, they were arriving. They’re the real thing.

International Medical Corps is similar to Doctors Without Borders and also does great work in Ukraine. It has a reputation for staying after the emergency is over to help build local capacity.

Kyiv Independent is a news source in Ukraine that many of us turn to understand the devastation unfolding there. It is raising money through crowdfunding on GoFundMe.

Save the Children is active in Ukraine and has a fund to support kids caught up in the conflict there. It’s a terrific organization and has a network on the ground.

Plenty of other aid groups do fine work and may be asking for your support. But see if they actually are on the ground in Ukraine or are simply helping people who have left the country.

While there are more options, I think your investment in any of these organizations I name above will be money well spent.

StartupCraft Founder (linkedin announcement)

Today we are happy to announce that we have launched the project to help Ukraine through the NFT collectibles campaign - Cossack Club.

If you can buy an NFT yourself or share a word in your network - that would be great!

We connect through the network of local volunteers and this help often saves people's lives. We are going to send updates on the social networks, Discord, and Telegram about the progress.

The main page is here:


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