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What’s The Current BTC to XRP Rate?

NCFA Guest Post | Sep 9, 2019

digital tokens and coins - What’s The Current BTC to XRP Rate?The world was shook when online money was first introduced. Some people didn’t like the idea. They’d prefer having something tangible, something that they can actually see and touch to use as currency. Some people were positive about the new experience. They believe that it can certainly make life more convenient. But hey, we’re now in 2019 and online currency is still widely in use. In fact, its uses have expanded way more since it was first introduced (read more).

One of the most popular and controversial of its time was BTC or Bitcoin. Even without studying cryptocurrencies, you’ve probably heard this term once or twice before. You may have come across it in the internet or someone may have encouraged you to try trading it. After all, when cryptocurrency was first brought to light, many people saw its potential in the trading market. And it has been making noise ever since.

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At first, Bitcoin was surrounded with a lot of controversy – and of course, a lot of doubt. People were scared of exchanging real world money for something that you can hardly even see and give value to. The volatility of the currency did not help ease people’s fears as well. Its value would skyrocket and plummet at drastic rates that people found it hard to put their trust in it. But as soon as the hype went down, BTC rates calmed as well. It became your regular internet money that is still of great value. To the people who speculated that it was just a bubble waiting to pop, well here’s news for you: It seems that nothing will be popping anytime soon.

After Bitcoin, many other types of cryptocurrency followed. One such currency that rose into popularity was Ripple or XRP. But aside from being a type of internet money, it is important to note that Ripple is a settlement system as well. This means that it’s not just a currency but a platform as well. Ripple became so popular that it was soon adopted by banks and other financial institutions to help with financial settlements. After all, moving money in real-time requires tremendous amount of work. Whereas, Ripple can settle payments in less than 5 seconds and handle more or less 1,500 transactions every second. It’s definitely an efficient way to settle transactions faster. Check it out on Rubix.

Can You Convert One Cryptocurrency To Another?

Convert digital coins - What’s The Current BTC to XRP Rate?

Much like every other type of real world currency you know, online money may be converted from one kind to another as well. Just like how you would exchange USD to EUR or SGD to GBP, cryptocurrency may be converted according to their current exchange rates as well. As I said before, crypto money is just like real world money. The only difference is that it has no tangible form. Everything is done digitally. No paper bills or whatsoever. Thinking about it now, that’s kind of a good thing right?

What Is The Current BTC to XRP Exchange Rate? 

If you’ve been wondering how things are looking with Ripple, we might just be able to help you out. True enough, diversifying your trades can be a pretty good way of ensuring trading success. This is why we understand your interest in learning not just the Bitcoin platform but the XRP platform as well. However, if you’re used to trading Bitcoin, you probably don’t have any other type of cryptocurrency in your wallet. Not to worry, though. Now, you can now convert BTC to XRP easily.

Question is, how much is the going rate for BTC to XRP these days?

The current rate is 1 XRP = 0.000033 Bitcoin (BTC). This is the most recent record for the past 24 hours. As you can see, Bitcoin is still more valued than the Ripple currency. But this should not dissuade you from trading Ripple. Check out:

You see, it’s a given fact that Bitcoin is, by far, the most popular cryptocurrency. It should come to no one’s surprise that the perceived value of it is high. However, this also means that when you trade Bitcoin, you’re dealing with large trades. In other words, the risks are higher as well. Participating in doable trades such as Ripple should even out your chances in the market.

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