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Which Companies Were Affected by FTX’s Collapse?

Cointelegraph | Ezra Reguerra  | Nov 17, 2022

Unsplash Charl Folscher Dominoes - Which Companies Were Affected by FTX's Collapse?

Image: Unsplash/Charl Folscher

Image: Unsplash/Charl Folscher

While the FTX collapse may have had a severe effect on the broader crypto market, some companies bore the brunt of the impact and were directly hit by the storm

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  • BlockFi:  crypto lending firm BlockFi has also admitted having "significant exposure to FTX and associated corporate entities."
  • The CEO highlighted that their exposure to the firm is only under $10 million.
  • Wintermute: firm that made headlines after losing $160 million in a hack, has also admitted that it had some remaining funds on the FTX exchange.
  • Multicoin Capital: Venture capital firm Multicoin Capital reportedly has around $863 million in assets frozen within the FTX exchange.
  • CoinShares: firm noted that it was able to reduce its overall exposure to $31.5 million and assured its community that the firm's financial state remains strong.
  • Amber Group: announcement that the exposure is only limited to less than 10% of its total trading capital.
  • Pantera Capital: investment firm noted that it suffered some risks and losses from the FTX collapse.

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