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Who Are Business Influencers and Why Is It Important to Listen to Their Opinion?

Guest Post | Jun 11, 2021

influencers and trust - Who Are Business Influencers and Why Is It Important to Listen to Their Opinion?

Who Are Business Influencers and Why Is It Important to Listen to Their Opinion?

A current online culture defines special persons who are defined as influencers. They exist in every field, starting from fashion. academized paper reviewing, and dieting, and ending with gaming or business. However, despite there being many branches that allow the audience to rely on the influencer’s opinion fully, things change a lot when it comes to money-making and business development.

Should you trust the information given by a business influencer online? Read this article further to find out more.

Who Is an Influencer?

Before we proceed, it can be good for many to understand the meaning of the word influencer deeper. One supposes the roots of that word origin from the common word – influence. It’s a synonym of impact or effect.

Consequently, an influencer is a person that has an influence on their audience in a particular field. The number of subscribers is not the main point here. An influencer can have 10 million subs or just 1 thousand of them. The matter is the audience’s quality and level of trust that every subscriber has in the influencer. The key is the ability of an influencer to motivate the audience to do something.

Influencers can be divided into categories. The most common categories are mentioned below.


Bloggers have content blogs they update regularly. The reason can be different: entertainment, education, sharing info with friends, business, etc. Additionally, a blog can be an influencer’s main income source.

Vloggers & Viners

Video bloggers (aka vloggers) are opinion leaders actively present on YouTube and similar services who have communities of subscribers passively or actively involved in their activity. Modern brands use vloggers to create and spread video content of various types: informational, educational, advertising, etc.

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Viners can be defined as a separate subcategory of vloggers. The feature of a viner is the creation of vines – short (2 to 25 seconds) and funny videos touching relevant life situations or jokes.


Ambassadors are people invited to cooperate with companies aiming to present brands well. As a result, the brand becomes more recognizable, and businesses increase sales.


A content creator is, obviously, a person creating photo and video content. He or she may not have thousands or millions of subscribers on their media channels, but brands use their content after purchasing it from creators. So to say, creators are indirect opinion leaders.

Business Influencers Defined

To sum up the first part of the article, a business influencer is mainly a blogger or vlogger who has their audience of subscribers big enough to make them weigh something in the world of business development, finance, investment, etc. Such a person is the opinion leader able to affect the way of thinking, behavior, and lifestyle of others through the use of their content published through certain media channels.

Why Listen to Them

It’s natural for people to be extremely careful when it comes to getting incomes, planning businesses, and anything else connected to earning or counting money. No wonder any present or future business owner tends to doubt all the information they receive, no matter what the source is. However, business influencers are mostly worth your trust and attention. Here are three reasons explaining why it is wise to consider their opinions respectfully.

Experience and Knowledge Backed with Achievements

Most probably, a business influencer built their personal brand and audience not accidentally. That means a lot of people treat their words seriously. Additionally, all today’s business influencers have immense experience, solid achievements, and, of course, a huge net worth behind their back.

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The knowledge they decide to share is not the complete revelation in most cases. However, facts and opinions a business influencer brings to their audience through blog articles, podcasts, or videos can be valuable. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be able to get enough audience and authority to become influencers.

Insider Information that Sometimes Goes Public

Modern opinion leaders sometimes come up with extremely valuable pieces of information and experience that are a part of insider data or a truly unique explanation to some business process, finance accounting aspect, tip, or trick. If that worked for an influencer, it would probably be effective for you, your concepts, startups, and companies.

Reputation & Trustworthiness Supported Regularly

The feature of contemporary Internet fame and authority is all about its drastic, dynamic change. A single mistake, deception, or accidental inconvenience happening with the blogger or vlogger may become the reason for their audience to refuse to trust them right away. It’s hard to build a personal brand and gain popularity, but it’s extremely easy to lose them all forever when you are an online influencer.

Additionally, opinion leaders need to support the interest of their subscribers regularly. So, their blogs or YouTube channels can serve as knowledge bases refreshing all the time.

To Conclude

Nobody says you need to take all the business influencers for granted. In business development, you are your best ally and worst critic. Though, paying attention to what successful and trusted business influencers bring online is a solid way to gain valuable knowledge, experience, and raw information to consider.


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