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Why Apple Acquired An ‘Open Banking’ Fintech

Forbes | Ron Shevlin | Mar 27, 2022

Apple acquires credit kudos - Why Apple Acquired An ‘Open Banking’ FintechThe Apple-oids in Cupertino must eat this stuff up. Every time Apple makes an acquisition, the technology world—and increasingly now, the fintechaverse—goes into hyper speculation mode, trying to figure out why the company made the purchase and what it plans to do with the acquired firm.

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What does Credit Kudos do?

via their Website:  “Credit Kudos’ intelligent products enable businesses to leverage Open Banking to enhance affordability and risk assessments. Our predictive insights are built by combining transaction and loan outcome data. Our products help lenders streamline underwriting, improve accuracy in decision-making, and support customers after acquisition through our engagement tools.”

Why Apple Wants Credit Kudos

BNPL acquisitions have been occurring faster than Ben Affleck finds new girlfriends:

  • Block, nee Square, acquired AfterPay for somewhere between $15 million and $29 million (the valuation was at the higher amount when the deal was announced, but Block’s stock price fell by ~50% by the time the deal closed).

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  • PayPal purchased BNPL company Paidy in 2021 for $2.7 billion.
  • Zip acquired New York-based Quadpay in 2020 for nearly $300 million, and is now looking to purchase Sezzle.

It would be a real coup for Apple to acquire a BNPL capability for just $150 million.

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