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Zum Rails’ Major AI-Driven BaaS Initiative and Strategic Hire

Release | Jun 7, 2024

Zum rails - Zum Rails' Major AI-Driven BaaS Initiative and Strategic Hire

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Zūm Rails hires Miro Pavletic to lead new AI-driven banking project

A scaling Canadian fintech business Zūm Rails has announced the hiring of Miro Pavletic who joins Zūm to manage its large-scale AI-driven Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS) project. This is a key move to expand Zūm Rails' unique financial offerings and solutions.

Miro Pavletic

Fintech expert with a wealth of banking and finance experience, Miro Pavletic joins Zūm Rails as a key player in their newest project. Previously, Pavletic was the Co-founder and CEO of Stack, a digital challenger banking app that was acquired by Credit Sesame in 2020.

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Pavletic will lead Zūm Rails’ BaaS product roadmap, which will integrate with Zūm Rail’s current payment services and include real-time fraud assessment, identity validation, and transaction settlement capabilities. Pavletic is committed to accelerating the development and implementation of these features on a unified platform, enabling businesses to surpass regulators' open banking deadlines and utilize artificial intelligence to effectively manage risk.

Key Developments and Financing

Since founding in 2019 Zūm Rails self-funded its way to profitability and has become a significant player in the North American payments market. Their 'omni-rail' solution combines instant payments with open banking to create a streamlined transaction process that supports multiple payment methods like Visa Direct, Mastercard, direct bank account linking, and Canada's Interac network.

In February of this year, Zūm Rails was in the spotlight when it successfully completing a $10.5 million CAD Series A fundraising round led by Arthur Ventures. The purpose of this capital infusion was to strengthen their open banking and quick payment capabilities, as well as to increase their market share in the United States.  The company intends to launch new BaaS capabilities and a FedNow service in the United States that will allow companies to process FDIC-insured payments in a matter of seconds.

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Firms like Plaid, Finicity, and established banks that are pursuing open banking are a few of Zūm's core competitors. Zūm Rails stands out in a crowded market thanks to its seamless integration of quick payments and open banking. This is the core of its unique value offer (in a fragmented market).

Closing Outlook

Zūm Rails is in a strong position to grow its market share and accelerate its creative activities, thanks to the smart hiring of Miro Pavletic and recent funding injection. As Zūm continues to innovate, stakeholders can expect a wave of new developments that will enhance the efficiency, security, and scope of financial transactions across North America.

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