2019 Fintech & Financing Conference and Expo: FEARLESS, April 3-4, Toronto Canada

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#FFCON Fintech & Funding Summit (Toronto | Spring)

Join Canada's largest fintech and funding conference, FFCON, held annually each Spring in Toronto (usually first week in March).  The Summit attracts 600+ start-ups, fintech innovators, funders, regulators, government and early stage venture ecosystem and delivers an immersive experience with 70+ leading speakers, 12+ pitching companies, 30+ sessions including high profile international keynotes, TEDx talks, round tables, debates and world class networking.  If you are launching or building a fintech business or seeking are an innovative company seeking capital, this is a not to be missed conference designed to accelerate growth in industry, your network and your business.

Annual VanFUNDING Conference (Vancouver | Fall)

VanFUNDING is a must attend innovative conference with 350+ participants pushing boundaries to bring forth the hottest debates and latest developments, educate, inspire and connect ‘You and your vision’ with leading innovators, entrepreneurs, investors, vendors, thought leaders and policy makers in the quickly emerging sectors of fintech, P2P, crowdfinance, blockchain ICOs, digital currencies and alternative finance.  If you're building, buying or selling in Canada's innovation finance markets, VanFUNDING is an ideal conference to pitch on the national stage, increase brand recognition, exchange ideas with peers and investors, and help define the next iteration of an coalescing ecosystem with unbridled opportunities.

Global Fintech Program

Explore fintech's foundational building blocks, trends and gain in-depth insight into the companies shaping the financial system of the future. In the Global Fintech program, we’ve brought together a select group of the industry’s leaders, successful entrepreneurs and global thinkers.  With more than $39B invested in 2018 across the world the Fintech space continues to attract healthy investment and attention from seasoned investors. With a multi trillion dollar financial pie to munch on, Fintech has lots of room to grow and prosper in the years ahead.  As the vision of the financial system continues to evolve, numerous new opportunities will be created for savvy players. Entrepreneurs looking for a way to help shape the future. And for business leaders looking for ways to leapfrog their competition with the most up to date Fintech tools.

Access to Small Business Loans

While there are a variety of sources that can provide your business access to borrowed capital, in many cases your company may not qualify or the interest rates and fees are simply too high for the risk you believe is appropriate for the loan.  Pay day lenders and credit cards as an example, may offer a quick solution in the very short term but can be detrimental in the longer term because of the exorbitant fees.  If you are an existing small business that has been operating for minimum 1 year with defined revenues and seeking access to loans to help your business expand operations, purchase equipment or hire new staff to grow etc., and would like to learn more about marketplace lending options (debt-based crowdfunding), contact us to learn more info at info@ncfacanada.org.

Access to Startup Equity Funding

One of the great challenges for many start-ups and small to medium sized businesses is finding the appropriate investors and strategic capital partners to help your business launch or grow your venture to the next level.  If you are wondering what your options are there are many resources online that may assist such as this presentation on 'raising equity capital for your start-up' here.  If you have a high growth venture and seeking assistance from experienced professionals in capital raising with existing networks and channels, contact us to learn more at info@ncfacanada.org.

Media Monitoring and Influencer Database

Launching a new project/venture, crowdfunding campaign, an ICO or online financing round and looking to drive traffic and build brand and campaign awareness?   Join NCFA as a contributing member and get access to current and targeted journalists and media influencers and discover contact details, background information, social media handles and recent coverage listed in their contact card.  Advanced boolean search and keyword filtering.


Crypto Processing and Conversions (coins, tokens)

CoinPayments is a payment solution allowing merchants to bitcoin and hundreds of altcoins in their store, through easy to use APIs and plugins for all the major ecommerce platforms. With over 1 million users in 182 countries and close to 1 billion dollars of transaction volume in 2017 alone, CoinPayments.net is the most comprehensive multi-cryptocurrency platform in the world.

Regulations and Compliance

Interested in launching a coin offering, crypto exchange, blockchain venture, or register as an exempt market dealer to facilitate capital raising for businesses or consumers?  We understand that navigating regulations and compliance in all emerging 'fintech and funding' sectors is complicated.  If you're ready to engage industry experts and legal resources to formalize your business, we can connect you with experienced industry professionals.  Learn what it takes to comply and survive in this ever changing business and get ahead of regulations.  Contact us info@ncfacanada.org.

Strategic Launch and Growth Services

If you are looking at launching or growing your Fintech & Funding business and want to engage industry experts that can help verify your strategic road-map and market development initiatives, then contact us today.  From understanding market challenges and opportunities, to providing guidance and supportive execution on launching a new venture or growing an existing one, we know what it takes to succeed to raise capital, develop products, build and manage user groups and communities, and market your company to meet your goals.  Contact us info@ncfacanada.org.

Capital Raising and Investment Management Software

Are you looking to launch your own investment crowdfunding platform and seeking either a fully developed 'out of the box' or bespoke capital raising software solution?  There have been continual advancements and feature deployments since online fintech and funding models and exemptions emerged in the Canadian market in 2012, consider leveraging existing technology and partnerships to expedite the launch of your business.   Contact us info@ncfacanada.org.

Video Content Designed for Your Budget

More than 500 million hours of video are watched on youtube every day. 84% of twitter users watch videos. Video drives 157% increase in organic traffic. Video landing pages can increase conversions by a staggering 80%. If you're not leveraging video marketing to launch or grow your business then you may not be capturing leads, conveying key messages or driving engagement. Our approach toward creating the best stories is pretty simple: understand the purpose of each video, put the right people in place to bring it to life, and follow our strategy and process to produce the most creative, effective and efficient videos for your needs and budget.

INSIGHTS:  Tune into our weekly podcast:  FINTECH FRIDAY$

FINTECH FRIDAY$ is a weekly podcast brought to you by NCFA and partners, where we sit down with the incredible people in the Fintech and Funding community and talk about trends, product innovations, developments and challenges!  Subscribe and tune in each Friday to check out all things Fintech, blockchain, cryto, crowdfunding, AI, and alternative finance.  Interested in getting involved or supporting the program?

EDUCATION:  Industry Reports and Research

Stay ahead of emerging regulations and commercialization opportunities, insights and challenges for all things fintech and funding.  Access and download recent industry reports that collectively help provide business and market intelligence critical to the success of your venture or pinpoint an ideal entry point.  Know of a hot new report that we should add to this list?  Inform us today and help the community stay vibrant and 'in the know!

Canadian Fintech & Funding Directory

This is an ever evolving and growing directory of active (or beta) online financial technology platforms and service providers in Canada such as crowdfunding portals, real estate investing, P2P marketplace lenders, blockchain initial coin offering providers, aggregators, consultants and agencies.  To request to be listed in the directory you need to be a member of NCFA and also email us directly with your request at info@ncfacanada.org and we'll do our best to make updates periodically.  Looking for a full list of fintechs in Canada (contact us for info)?

Join Canada's Leading Fintech & Funding Community

Join Canada's Leading Crowdfunding and Fintech Association, a distributed and decentralized Fintech & Funding community!  Join a community of innovators, entrepreneurs, investors, registered dealers and funding portals, consultants, tech and finance professionals, services providers and vendors interested in advancing the development of innovation finance markets and financial technology in Canada and beyond.  Since launching late 2012, NCFA Canada has grown to be one of the largest fintech communities in the country enabling numerous successful annual conferences, industry infrastructure, education, research, services, business development, market integrity, business development and partnerships for all.

Partnership Opportunities

NCFA offers partnership opportunities to aligned organizations that support the growth and development of various programs and initiatives implemented by the association each year.  Since launch NCFA has been a core catalyst of the peer to peer innovation finance industry in Canada and has built one of the largest fintech networks in the country from investment to industry leaders and regulatory networks.  If you are launching a fintech, blockchain, crypto, alternative finance or peer to peer venture and seeking to plug into the latest trends and opportunities, navigate the web of regulations and compliance or looking to raise capital to launch or grow your business in the financial innovation sector?  Connect with us today:  info@ncfacanada.org.


Industry Ambassadors

Interested in getting involved and taking a more active role in industry as a recognized leader, educator, supporter, and advocate of the Canadian fintech, crowdfunding, peer to peer, crypto, ICOs, digital assets, blockchain, internet finance and alternative finance sectors within regional communities across the country? Join us in our quest to transform Canada into a world class innovation finance destination expanding your profile and participation opportunities at the same time.

Help Develop a National Fintech Strategy and Support Industry Growth

NCFA was founded in October 2012 as a grassroots non-profit to fill a need in the marketplace and continues to be community-based, inclusive and membership-driven. Industry initiatives, events, programming, education, advocacy and infrastructure facilitation is largely organized by a volunteer network of advisors, ambassadors and board members. The organization receives some critical funding from key industry sponsors/partners and in-kind collaboration from the fintech innovation ecosystem.  However we need your support to continuously build opportunities and value for members with more infrastructure, education and research, service aggregation, and domestic and global network expansion while working to develop a national fintech strategy.  All contributions go directly towards keeping NCFA running and are essential to scale growth and impact.  Join us today!