BCSC Capital Raising for Small Business Guide (Oct 2013)

Crowdfund Insider | By | Nov 17, 2013

British Columbia 400 300x198 - BCSC Capital Raising for Small Business Guide (Oct 2013)In a document published recently by the British Columbia Securities Commission (BCSC) in Canada, the provincial regulators appear to address the issue of crowdfunding and its legality in the province.  Unlike the United States where the federal regulators have jurisdiction over regulating crowdfunding nationwide, the Canadian provinces are regulated specifically by each provincial securities authority.

BCSC Capital Raising for Small Business Guide (Oct 2013)

In what appears to be a very liberal allowance for equity crowdfunding the financial authorities state in the public document:

Crowdfunding” is a term used to describe raising small amounts of money from many people, usually over the internet. The concept has been used by charities and by some companies who offer product pre-sales.

The US is considering adopting a new “crowdfunding” exemption that would allow companies to sell securities to anyone over the internet through either a registered broker-deal or a registered funding portal. The SEC still needs to develop rules to support the exemption.

British Columbia Securities Commission - BCSC Capital Raising for Small Business Guide (Oct 2013)The BCSC has considered the US crowdfunding exemption and various initiatives undertaken by other Canadian regulators.

In BC, we have a number of exemptions that allow small businesses to raise capital from their family, friends and communities – in short, to do crowdfunding. These include the family, friends and business associates exemption and the OM exemption. The OM exemption allows companies to sell securities to anyone in B.C. without a prospectus, regardless of whether the purchaser meets any financial tests or has a connection with the directors and management of the company. There are no limits on how much a purchaser can invest and no limits on how much funding the company can raise. There are also no requirements that the trades be made through a funding portal.

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