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Lynn Johannson, Advisor, Sustainability and ESG

Lynn Johannson 150x150 - Lynn Johannson, Advisor, Sustainability and ESG

Lynn Johannson, Advisor, Sustainability and ESG

Lynn Johannson, President of E2 Management Corporation and Catalyst for THE Collaboration

In a career that spans over 3 decades and 4 continents, Lynn has chalked up many firsts as an environmental entrepreneur and maverick. She is passionate about connecting the dots between the power of nature’s genius and the opportunity to enhance better business by greening productivity. She was the first woman to be invited into the Advanced Technology Think Tank (ATTT). She was elected to the Royal Society for the Arts, Manufactures and Commerce for innovating a bridge between the world of Environmental Management and the accounting profession.

In addition to her work leading a niche consulting firm, she is the Catalyst for a cross industry group, THE Collaboration, whose common bond is ISO 14001. The group leverages international standards to demonstrate how better environmental management can be used to enhance the value proposition for their companies.

Lynn’s first exposure to NCFA was at a conference where Craig Asano was presenting on crowdfunding. He hooked her interest as she was exploring opportunities for on-bill financing for small businesses as a mechanism to fund green productivity.

 “Craig’s explanation of the opportunities in Fintech triggered an explosion in my head of the potential for a more effective means of financing capital for sustainability for small business. Subsequent encounters with the innovative thinkers who are part of the NCFA community were addictive.  I value NCFA as a tireless promoter of finding the right balance between controls to ensure trust and the maverick, entrepreneurial spirit that the sector needs to accelerate the greening of finance. So honoured to be part of the NCFA advisory team!”  --  Lynn Johannson

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