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NCFA Response to ASC Request for comments 45-108 on Sep 9, 2016

[Breaking News (Nov 5, 2015)]: Regulators including OSC Publish Crowdfunding Exemption and Registration Framework for Funding Portals on Nov 5, 2015

OSC publishes Corporate Finance Branch 2014-2015 Annual Report on Jul 14, 2015

OSC publishes existing security holder prospectus exemption on Nov 27, 2014

[Breaking News]: OSC proposes four new capital raising prospectus exemptions on March 20, 2014

OSC provides update on exempt market review, including its consideration of existing security holder exemption on December 4, 2013

OSC Finalizes 2013-2014 Statement of Priorities – Comments on the Exempt Market and Capital Raising (including Crowdfunding) by Brian Koscak on July 1, 2013

OSC Approves Ontario-Only Crowdfunding Portal for Accredited Investors by Brian Koscak on June 21, 2013

OSC Consultation: OSC Seeks Input from Investors on Investing in SME Companies on June 11, 2013

OSC Notice 11-768 – Statement of Priorities for Fiscal Year End March 2014 – Request for Comment on April 12, 2013

NCFA Canada: Equity Crowdfunding Principles & Response to OSC Staff Consultation Paper 45-710 by NCFA Canada on March 9, 2013

Public Opinion Feedback Deadline Extended until Mar-8-2013: OSC RELEASES EQUITY CROWDFUNDING PROPOSAL March 2013

Exempt Market Review: Consultation Sessions on OSC Staff Consultation Paper 45-710

OSC Staff Consultation Paper 45-710: Crowdfunding Questions

share save 171 16 - Ontario

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