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Jan 8:  The most expensive capital for entrepreneurs isn’t money, nor is it time…

Dec 18:  Happy Holidays and best wishes for an incredible 2020!

Dec 12:  What are the three big things driving the world?

Dec 4:  After receiving financial heimlich maneuver, bank backing fintech

Nov 27:  Red Cross slaying Libra?

Nov 20:  Is VISA about to solve open banking?

Nov 13:  Bitcoin allows people to be their own bank

Nov 5:  Blockchain certificate, banks pay for referees, 3iQ vs OSC ruling & creative returns

Oct 29:  Treasure found, Bitcoin-DeFi divide, OSC approves TokenGX for secondary trading

Oct 23:  Age of the Consumer, Goldman's fintech transformation, global regulator altfi survey results

Oct 15:  Securities status of SAFTs, Open Banking in Oz, Retail bank shifts

Oct 7:  Closer to Harmonization: ASC Adopts Startup Crowdfunding Blanket Order 45-521

Oct 1:  If you trade crypto on rumours, better watch your Bakkt


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