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ASC OM exemption to facilitate small business. ** Public Opinion Deadline: Feb 20, 2013 **


Posted by:  NCFA Canada |  Craig Asano


Download :  Copies of Multilateral CSA Notice 45-311 and ASC Blanket Order 45-512 are available on the ASC website at www.albertasecurities.com

DEADLINE:  The ASC is accepting feedback and written submissions for the public until February 20, 2013.

OPEN CALL:  Please connect with us at casano@ncfacanada.org to participate by providing feedback or if you have any questions regarding the benefits and challenges of equity crowdfunding.   Time to get engaged!

NEXT STEPS:   Awareness, education and participation are key components at this stage for all stakeholders to better understand both the benefits and risks involved with a crowdfunding exemption.  To facilitate gathering public opinion on the proposed investment-based CF framework by the ASC, NCFA Canada and affiliate partners are working to provide the tools and necessary background info for the public to provide feedback to the ASC enabling them to make an informed decision.

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