Alan Wunsche, Advisor, Blockchain

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Alan Wunsche, Advisor, Blockchain and Fintech

Alan Wunsche, MBA, CPA, CA, CBP – Founder, TokenFunder and Co-founder/Chair, Blockchain Canada

Alan is a leading blockchain finance technologist focused on new blockchain business models and the disruptive impacts of blockchain on global wealth distribution. He is CEO & Chief Token Officer of TokenFunder, a regulatory-compliant blockchain venture funding platform with Ontario's first regulated Initial Token Offering. A Certified Bitcoin Professional (CBP), Alan is also Chair & Co-Founder of Blockchain Canada, a Canadian federal not-for-profit corporation with a mission to help Canada innovators be a leader in blockchain technology, and elected Canadian Chair of Canada’s ISO/TC307 Blockchain Standards Committee. A trusted business partner to numerous CIO’s, CFO’s CRO’s, CMO’s and CHRO’s, he brings hands-on technology experience as a finance, governance and risk transformation executive at a global bank (Scotiabank), management consulting (Deloitte, PwC), and various startups.

"Blockchain technology has ushered in a new world of digital finance, offering innovative businesses an entirely new financing mechanism and a new asset class for innovative investors. Through a powerful new combination of cryptography, game theory, and economic incentives, businesses can now offer their investors digital tokens that live on a global public blockchain, posing a threat to traditional venture capital. These tokens can be programmed to represent equity, debt, royalty streams, or a variety of derivatives. Launched as initial coin offerings or initial token offerings, these tokens now represent cryptoassets that token holders can securely own or will transfer amongst themselves without traditional securities exchanges. As adoption of this financial innovation accelerates, regulators seek to promote the innovation and balance with investor protections. Associations such as NCFA and Blockchain Canada are at the forefront of this regulatory dialogue." -- Alan Wunsche, Founder and CEO, TokenFunder


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