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David Duggan, Crowdbuilding Advisor

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David Duggan
Crowdbuilding Advisor

David Duggan is the Founder and CEO of Viral Network Inc, an international full service online communication firm, whose clients have a combined valuation of over $1 billion.  Based out of Vancouver and with over 30 employees and 6 powerful software platforms, Viral uses the Internet to connect investors with the companies that interest them the most.

Viral Media Group is a recent spin out which provides movie quality, in house Video production and distribution.  David is an active investor and is also the co-founder of a 35,000 person online investor community called Viral Stocks.

Prior to Viral Networks, David was the Managing Director of a sales and marketing firm that provided fully managed investor and public relations services for public companies.  In 2008, he founded Scirocco Enterprises, a network consulting and finance company that helped hundreds of public companies increase exposure, reach and following.

As a partner in the non-profit, Viral has given back to numerous charities with global reach.

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share save 171 16 - David Duggan, Crowdbuilding Advisor

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