LETTER OF SUPPORT: Entrepreneurs’ Supporting Ridesharing in TO

Uber Canada | April 26, 2016

Sign the petition 257x300 - LETTER OF SUPPORT:  Entrepreneurs' Supporting Ridesharing in TOOn May 3, Toronto City Council is voting "yes" or "no" to rules that would allow ridesharing and Uber to stay in Toronto. A "yes" vote is crucial to Toronto's embrace of innovation and technology.

We are asking leading entrepreneurs and innovators in Toronto to consider signing a letter to let Council know the importance of creating smart (i.e. focused on safety, but not restricting innovation) regulations that allow ridesharing to flourish in Toronto.

If you are interested in signing the letter, please visit here to sign on!

Thank you to everybody for your continued support.

Please forward this along to others in the community who you think would like to sign.

Many thanks,

GM, Uber


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