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Nodano to Launch First-Ever Social Activism Network Platform

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Nodano Press Release via Market Wired | Oct 27, 2014

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Calgary-based company launches Global Action Wall crowdfunding site

CALGARY, ALBERTA--(Marketwired - Oct. 27, 2014) - This weekend, Nodano launched its Global Action Wall, a crowdfunding tool that will be used to develop a new platform, dedicated to bringing together people and organizations from around the world and enabling them to take a stand against human suffering.

The Global Action Wall will allow individuals to purchase customizable "bricks", where they can upload photos or company logos, choose a cause they wish to take a stand against and challenge others to get involved. The funds raised from the Global Action Wall, will support the development of Nodano's social networking platform. Unlike other crowdfunding initiatives, Nodano will donate a portion of the revenue to charities that it is supporting.

Nodano was founded in 2013 by four individuals who were concerned about the suffering and injustice in the world and the speed it was increasing. With the goal of raising $5 million from the Global Action Wall, Nodano will design the first-ever social network that will bring together a global community of individuals looking to make a difference.

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"Nodano will forever change the face of social activism," said Troy Weber, Co-founder & CEO, Nodano. "Together, Rob Shenfield, Joseph Shenfield, Tyler Nixon and I, have created a platform we hope will create a global culture to help ease human suffering and injustices in the world. We encourage individuals to join together and challenge others, to help relieve human pain and suffering."

As part of its corporate mandate, Nodano will freely give away a minimum of 50 per cent of its net-revenue to charitable causes. Currently, World Vision Canada and International Justice Mission (IJM) are the first two designated charities to receive support from Nodano.

"World Vision would like to thank Nodano for selecting us to be one of the two chosen charities they will support," said Kent Smith, Development Advisor, World Vision Canada. "This support will truly help the less fortunate children, families and communities around the world."

"At IJM, we take on some big issues - sex trafficking, forced labour and other types of violence against the poor," explains Angie Redecopp, Director of Development & Mobilization, Prairie Region, International Justice Mission Canada. "About 4 billion poor people around the world live outside the protection of the law, making them vulnerable to many types of violence.

Global Crowdfunding with Dr. Richard Swart, UC Berkeley, Director of Crowdfunding Research

That's why we've chosen to focus on strengthening justice systems-so the poor are protected, and hopefully, are never victimized in the first place. But we cannot do it alone. One of our key values is partnerships - both in our global field offices and here at home. That is why we so appreciate initiatives like Nodano that create awareness in a new way and bring people together."

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About Nodano

Nodano brings together a community of people who are seeking to be inspired and get connected with like-minded people who want to have an impact and promote a cause. We are devoted to connecting people, businesses, governments, celebrities and charities in an effort to foster large scale cooperation in response to global suffering. Nodano is currently developing a new social networking platform that will enable people across the globe to strengthen these entities in their efforts to help.

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share save 171 16 - Nodano to Launch First-Ever Social Activism Network Platform

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