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Tips for Creating a Business Website

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NCFA Guest post | May 17, 2018

creating a business website - Tips for Creating a Business WebsiteAs a small business owner, having an online presence is important, and at the center of that is creating high quality, visually impressive and easy to navigate website. If you are unfamiliar with website design, then creating a new business website can prove difficult and frustrating; But don’t panic, it is not as impossible a task as it seems. Once you know where to start, and which basic elements to include, the process doesn’t seem nearly as daunting. If you are looking to create a new business site, then here are a few tips which you might find helpful to get you set up.

Find a host platform

To set up a website, you will first need to choose which host platform you would like to use. As you are first starting out, ideally you will either want to find a site that is easy to navigate personally, so that you can construct the site yourself or a host site which will help you with your design. If you are looking for a well-priced host site, with a range of packages and good technical support, then there are various services offering options to host your website with us, for example.

Produce quality content

If you have a lot of information you would like to include on your website; it can be easy to overcrowd the page, and cram in as much writing as you physically can. However, in reality, this will just be very off-putting to any visitors to your site, and it is unlikely they will really read it all. When you are starting off with a website for a new, small business, then you would be much better served by choosing quality over quantity. Make sure that all the information that you include is informative, but not long-winded. Remember that some of the most important features of a site are easy navigation and good subtitling.

Create a call to action

If your website acts with a clear purpose, it is more likely that you will receive good reader engagement. Decide what you are looking for your customers to do when they go to your site: do you want them to contact you straight away? If so, what is the recommended method for them to do so? Can they shop directly from your site? Whatever it is you would like from your website visitors, you need to make it clear by including a call to action slogan throughout the site, along with buttons to help them get to the right page to follow through with what you have asked.

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Include multimedia

A website that is all text will not be visually appealing to readers. Therefore, if you want to attract your audience’s attention, and keep them invested in your page, then multimedia elements are important. Therefore, it is important to include pictures throughout the site which accompany your written content, as well as infographics, as these allow you to present important information in an easy to follow design. If you have the software to do so, creating videos can also be effective.

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share save 171 16 - Tips for Creating a Business Website

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