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Event Montreal (March 21, 2013): Crowdfunding Night #2

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Posted by: Seeding Factory | February 26, 2013 | Last updated March 5, 2013

Crowdfund Night 300x78 - Event Montreal (March 21, 2013):  Crowdfunding Night #2

“Crowdfunding is nothing new. What most people don't know is that the Statue of Liberty was crowdfunded.- Erica Labovisz, CMO, 2011.


Crowdfund Night #2

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photocfnightfoule - Event Montreal (March 21, 2013):  Crowdfunding Night #2

What's Crowdfund Night?

Crowdfunding is the next big thing for all doers and makers. Crowdfund Night is a unique event in Montreal you need to attend if you want to learn and share about that revolution.

Industry experts and successful crowdfunders will share hands-on advice on how to prepare and manage a crowdfunding campaign to kickstart your project.

Following the success of the first edition, Crowdfund Night is coming back with the same objective of promoting the crowdfunding movement in Canada.

Who should attend?

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Artists (filmmakers, musicians)
  • Hackers & Makers
  • Individual investors
  • Small Business Owners
  • Lawyers



6.45 – 7.30 pm : MARKET

Dedicated space to showcase upcoming campaigns, share your work and get feedback. Send an email to showcase your campaign!

7.30 – 8.30 pm : KEYNOTES + DEMO

Chris Arsenault e1363184217465 150x150 - Event Montreal (March 21, 2013):  Crowdfunding Night #2FOREWORD – Crowdfunding opportunities and challenges for entrepreneurs: how it can be a valuable tool to build a great company?


Chris has been an early stage technology investor and entrepreneur for the past two decades. Today he’s an active board member of the Canadian Venture Capital Association (CVCA), is Co-Chair of the Canadian Innovation Exchange (CIX) and is active Charter Member of Silicon Valley based C100 (the Top Canadians in the Valley organization).

A boom in the crowdfunding industry in Quebec and Canada. JohnVaskis 150x150 - Event Montreal (March 21, 2013):  Crowdfunding Night #2

JOHN VASKIS, INDIEGOGO  (Linkedin / Twitter)

John Vaskis is the Vertical Gaming Lead for Indiegogo , the leading global crowdfunding platform where he is in charge of all gaming campaign on the platform. Previously John was a Senior Developer Partnership Manager at Oberon Media where he led the company’s efforts around flash game acquisition and merchandising, and managed relationships with over 350 game developers at gaming companies including Electronic Arts, Telltale Games, and

Heri 150x150 - Event Montreal (March 21, 2013):  Crowdfunding Night #2The Art and Science of making a crowdfunding video.

Heri Rakotomalala is a partner at Seeding Factory and Le Studio du Plateau. In the past 5 years, he has co-founded and advised many technology startups, and brings both business skills and a strong technical foundation to Seeding Factory. Heri is also passionate in photography and cinema, and has directed and produced successful crowdfunding videos, with his strong visual skills and creative talent.

Dan Kim 150x150 - Event Montreal (March 21, 2013):  Crowdfunding Night #2
How I overpassed by +700% my crowdfunding objective on Kickstarter?
DAN KIM, CLONE MANGA  (Website / Twitter)

Dan Kim has been creating online comics for the last thirteen years. Winner of two Joe Shuster Awards and a bronze International Manga Award from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan. Recently he raised $45,000$ for the NNN Hardcover Book project on Kickstarter.

Bruno 150x150 - Event Montreal (March 21, 2013):  Crowdfunding Night #2A look into Equity Crowdfunding: Europe, US, and next Canada?


Bruno Rakotozafy is a crowdfunding evangelist in Quebec and partner at Seeding Factory. For the 3 past years he’s been working on alternative way of developing business (marketing + finance) and developed a passion for crowdfunding. With one leg in Europe he participated in the world-premier crowdfunding exit for a biotech start-up.

DEMO - Alter Ego: The Water Filtration Bottle With a Mission AlterEgo 150x150 - Event Montreal (March 21, 2013):  Crowdfunding Night #2


Noémie co-founded AquaOvo 5 years ago with her brother after having lived and travelled in Asia for 6 years. Outside of her wonderful family, she enjoys the outdoors, rock climbing, Ultimate freesbee, traveling, eating well and MAKING A DIFFERENCE IN THE WORLD. With Alter Ego, she finally feel that she can!

MaMairie Logo 150x150 - Event Montreal (March 21, 2013):  Crowdfunding Night #2DEMO - Ma Mairie: Increase civic engagement in Montreal’s City Hall

ELLIE MARSHALL, OPEN NORTH  (Linkedin / Twitter)

Ellie Marshall is the Communications Manager for Open North, a Montreal-based non profit civic technology provider. Established in 2011, Open North is the group behind tools like BudgetPlateau, Gazette Documents, Patiner Montreal and more. Their newest initiative, is an open government monitoring platform that looks to increase civic engagement and access to information in Montreal’s City Hall.


Talk to other crowdfunders and build great connections!

Grab the opportunity to schedule a free 15-min consultation with Bruno and/or Heri from Seeding Factory to get valuable advice and insights for your next campaign. Click here to schedule now



Crowdfund Night 2 will be hosted at Centre Saint Pierre, in the very heart of Montreal. It’s easily accessible by car (private parking) and by metro (100m from Beaudry station) and for mobility impaired people.


Crowdfund Night is organized by a team of young volunteers (Heri, Eleanor, Lisa & Bruno) who intend on educating and convincing others that crowdfunding will be the next big thing.


Seeding Factory - Crowdfunding Consulting and Management


Sign-up for this event now: here

share save 171 16 - Event Montreal (March 21, 2013):  Crowdfunding Night #2

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