FundRazr chosen for London startup networking events

Business Vancouver  |  By Nelson Bennett |  Fri Sep 6, 2013

FundRazr in the UK - FundRazr chosen for London startup networking eventsFundRazr, a Vancouver startup that specializes in charityCrowdfunding, is off to London to participate in two high-tech startup networking events in September.

FundRazr is one of just four Canadian companies invited to participate in the C100 annual 48 Hours intensive mentoring program. It was one of 72 Canadian startups that entered a competition to participate.

C100 is an organization formed by Canadian entrepreneurs working in Silicon Valley. It holds a two-day event – 48 Hours in the Valley – every year in California.

This year, a 48 Hours event is being held in London as part of a kickoff of a new London-based chapter of C100. While there, Canadian startups will meet with British entrepreneurs and venture capitalists.

Coinciding with that event, four Canadian companies have also been selected to participate in UK Trade & Investment’s Global Adventure Competition.

The 48 Hours event is a chance for startups to meet with potential investors, while the UK Trade & Investment’s Global Adventure Competition is geared towards meeting potential partners.

“Our biggest market is the United States,” FundRazr founder and CEO Daryl Hatton told Business in Vancouver. “Our second biggest market is the U.K. So we’re looking at getting in there and develop the market for us, either through partnerships or joint ventures. It’s our first step offshore to try to establish a beachhead where we can do more work into Europe.”

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