Global fintech and funding innovation ecosystem, launches equity crowdfunding portal for business

share save 171 16 -, launches equity crowdfunding portal for business

Gotroo Release | July 31, 2015

Gotroo1 -, launches equity crowdfunding portal for business

MONTREAL, July 31, 2015 /CNW Telbec/ - A group of entrepreneurs and an angel investor have just launched, a platform that puts entrepreneurs looking for financing in contact with investors from the public at large, whether they are qualified or not. With, a company can register with the platform and reach a financing objective of up to $250,000 built on a maximum of $1500 per investor. has nothing to do with the current offer of crowdfunding sites, which give users the chance to buy a product or service in the form of presale, without any actual share ownership in the company. makes equity crowdfunding possible—by issuing debt securities (such as bonds) or a participation that give users the right to a portion of the eventual profits (such as shares) to subscribers (an investor) from the public at large. This type of crowdfunding is authorized by the securities regulators in the participating province or territory where the business or investors are located.

With the platform, businesses can maximize their chances of success by having access to qualified investors acting as lead investors or sponsors and by making full use of tools that will help them secure their financing.

View:  Certain Canadian securities regulators (to) adtop start-up crowdfunding exemptions

The financing process of the platform meets the standards and criteria of Multilateral CSA Notice 45-316 (Start-up Crowdfunding Registration and Prospectus Exemptions), issued by the Autorité des marchés financiers in Quebec and the securities regulatory authorities in five other provinces. The AMF and the Nova Scotia authorities have given its official go-ahead with its prospectus and registration exemptions for crowdfunding of start-up businesses. The provinces of British Columbia, Saskatchewan and New Brunswick are also in's sights. innovates by making it possible for entrepreneurs in need of capital (up to $250,000 twice a year) to issue shares of their business on the Web to investors who will then become part owners of the business.

Here's an example from the Autorité des marchés financiers site to illustrate how it works:

"Valérie has a brilliant idea. She has developed a soft drink flavoured with maple syrup and other local products. She has prepared a detailed business plan and hopes to turn a profit from her business venture. She thinks there is a market for maple soft drinks in gourmet grocery stores, bars and restaurants. She wants to begin production. She needs $75,000 in order to bottle and market her soft drinks. She applied to a financial institution for a loan, but was refused. She is thinking about raising the funds she needs by issuing shares through a securities crowdfunding campaign."

It's not the stock exchange

What's important to understand is that the shares purchased come from private companies, not publicly traded ones. Which means that it isn't possible to resell the shares acquired as you would on the stock exchange. The shares will be subject to the agreement between shareholders that governs the shares, for every business.

The specifics

  • An investor cannot invest more than $1,500 per company, either by credit card or electronic funds transfer.
  • An investor can invest in as many companies as he/she wants.
  • If you are a qualified investor according to AMF standards—i.e. a person with an annual income of over $200,000, a family income of over $300,000, financial assets of over $1 million or total net assets of over $5 million—, you can act as a lead investor or sponsor and have no limit on your investment. See Regulation 45-106 on the AMF site for more details.

An injection of new capital in Quebec and the rest of Canada

There is very little business start-up capital in Quebec and the rest of Canada. With Gotroo, companies self-finance via ordinary people and then share the profits with them. Though it represents risks for investors, a great investment is always possible—something that doesn't happen on other kinds of crowdfunding portals. At best, all you might receive is a product purchased in advance or a gift, and your money can in no way earn a profit when the company grows. in brief was created by an experienced group of Canadian entrepreneurs and investors who want to help companies and investors prosper and stimulate the Canadian economy.

Its main directors are:

Robert Brouillette, lawyer, engineer, patent and trade mark agent, entrepreneur and angel investor

Philippe Brouillette, lawyer, engineer, trade mark agent and entrepreneur

Board member and secretary:
Benoît l'Archevêque, serial entrepreneur

As well as Pierre Gagnon (, serial entrepreneur and Anthony Bryant (, serial technology entrepreneur.




ncfa logo 100 -, launches equity crowdfunding portal for business

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share save 171 16 -, launches equity crowdfunding portal for business

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