Global fintech and funding innovation ecosystem launches new civic engagement crowdfunding partnership

share save 171 16 - launches new civic engagement crowdfunding partnership  |  PR  |  July 1, 2013

ifundwaterloo 300x212 - launches new civic engagement crowdfunding partnershipSimilar to InvestYYC, a commity-based Crowdfunding project/hub launched in Calgary last year in 2012, has partnered with the city of Waterloo to encourage and build civic engagements projects.

(Waterloo, Ont. – July 1st, 2013) The City of Waterloo is known for its community leadership in continuing to modernize its city to support its citizens. With the advent of digital social media, The City of Waterloo citizens are more connected than in any other time in history.

One of the major digital innovations enabling citizens to help fund local city and community projects is crowdfunding. Crowdfunding is simply funding a project online via multiple donors, called the crowd. Whether the funding campaign is to support a local school park project, help fight beetle infestations, buy uniforms for a school hockey team, purchase new trees impacted by freezing rain, or support a local entrepreneur to build a new product prototype, crowdfunding offers a new method to unlock neighborhood possibilities.

“Innovation is at an all time low in Canada, having dropped two indices in the recent World Economic Forum Report. We need to be bolder to bring new capabilities like crowdfunding and crowdsourcing to market. We are all about helping the small business or entrepreneur, social enterprise, or creative worker to strengthen our local economy and community by bringing traditional forms of fundraising online, making it easier than ever to secure funding for your particular pursuit. The City of Waterloo is an ideal partner to first enter the market with our brand, iFundTheFuture. With the City of Waterloo’s connectivity and social inclusion vision, crowdfunding provides a new form of economic stimulation to support local city growth, at a time when capital is increasingly more scarce to fund city projects, says, Nicole Niessner, Dr. Cindy Gordon and Heather Campbell, co-founders of iCrowdFund Social Media Inc.

National Chair, iCANADA, Bill Hutchison, says: “the co-founders of iCrowdFundSocial Media Inc. have a compelling vision to help Canada become an iNATION. The opportunity to build the first intelligent crowdfunding highway coast to coast, so every region, every city, every town, every village can unlock new possibilities – who would not want to join this parade?

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share save 171 16 - launches new civic engagement crowdfunding partnership

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