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Thrinacia Opens for Public and Leaves BETA Phase

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Thrinacia PR | June 4, 2015

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Over the last few months there have been a lot of changes happening at Thrinacia Inc. The Thrinacia team is very excited about the progress that has been made and is eager to share these updates with the crowdfunding community.

Thrinacia is a hybrid open source crowdfunding solution. This means that the Web UI is still 100% open source and customizable. Thrinacia's Web UI is written in AngularJS with Semantic UI frontend framework. Thrinacia Web UI is fully responsive and supports variety of mobile devices and operating systems including iOS and Android. In addition this modern desktop support is also included for various browsers such as IE, FireFox, Safari and Chrome.

Thrinacia's team has also been working hard on a proprietary REST API. This REST API is well documented and exposed publicly. Thrinacia is a SaaS service that is offered to customers on month-to-month basis as a turn key whitelabel crowdfunding solution. Some clients are currently developing their crowdfunding websites with mobile and third party application integration that is allowed via the REST API. Information on the services offered through our monthly plans can be found here:

Thrinacia is now offering powerful portal administration tools. The portal reports provides hourly updates and detailed overviews of campaigns. The portal settings allow campaign managers to fully customize and control all aspects of the crowdfunding websites. The advanced email notification management interface gives administrators the ability to adjust email notification on the website. In addition; Thrinacia has strong management tools such as advanced campaign management, user management and campaign creator management to control crowdfunding websites and campaigns at different levels.

In the coming months Thrinacia will be increasing the number of crowdfunding organizations that it supports on its network. The team is excited to share some of the websites that are currently supported by Thrinacia with the crowdfunding community. Cruzu helps customers directly purchase wholesale wine from the wineries that they love. Funders end up saving 50%-70% on bottle purchases through the website compared to store prices. JusticeInvestor allows individuals to rally behind social justice cases and become the financial backers to issues that truly matter. JusticeInvestor was recently featured in the National Law Journal and Challenge a Student is a crowdfunding organization that helps bring interesting projects involving science, technology, engineering and math into classroom. Funders get the satisfaction of knowing that supporting a project will directly impact the lives of students.

Dedicated to innovative payment options, Thrinacia supports credit card and bitcoin payments through Stripe Connect. With Thrinacia's portal administration tools managers can control Stripe payment settings.

Thrinacia's team and the crowdfunding community have also been adding a lot of helpful posts to the Thrinacia Blog. For information on crowdfunding, campaign management tips, tutorials and more, visit

Thrinacia's team of developers has been working hard to make the versatile crowdfunding engine seamless. The team is excited to see the fruits of there labour put into action as more and more crowdfunding campaigns are conducted through Thrinacia.

For more info:

Thrinacia Inc.

Press Contact: Casey Sampson

Telephone: 1-888-857-6337 ext. 523


Source:  Thrinacia


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share save 171 16 - Thrinacia Opens for Public and Leaves BETA Phase

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