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Crowdfundfusion portal aggregator launches out of Canada

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Crowdfundfusion | Jonathon M. | October 23, 2013
Crowdfundfusion - Crowdfundfusion portal aggregator launches out of Canada
NCFA Canada recently connected with Jonathon Mushey, co-founder of Crowdfundfusion, a new portal aggregator solution based out of Winnipeg, Manitoba currently in beta launch. While there are many definitions that theoretically can describe the concept of aggregation, crowdfundfusion allows you to search for crowdfunding projects, groups and categories seamlessly on multiple sites, such as Kickstarter, Indiegogo and Rockethub. They are also allowing the crowd to vote on future portals to be added. Interview questions and answer content follows below.
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Can you please share with us your company's story?

Jon: Crowdfundfusion was born out of the necessity to solve a problem we encountered. The problem was that we spent too much time searching through different crowdfunding sites to see their projects. Each site had different navigation, grouping and sorting of projects which made for a confusing experience. We searched and found no decent aggregators and then decided to simply build a good one ourselves.

Who are the founder and key members of the company and what are the goals?

Jon: Myself and Lenny Leblanc, we both developed the site from scratch doing all research, analysis, design and coding ourselves. There is a lot that we are going to to do in the future in terms of upgrades as well as many phases that we are going to go through. To find out what these are you're just going to have to keep checking up on us. This industry moves fast and we intend to be at the crest of the wave!

Who is your target market? What about your geographic reach?

Jon: Anyone and everyone who is either a possible funder of projects, those who are just curious and of course the project creators themselves, they are all our target market.

Can you tell us about the unique way crowdfundfusion can help project creators to gain exposure for their campaigns?

Jon: Creators can submit their projects to be featured on the home page above the fold on our site, all that we ask is that they mention crowdfundfusion in some way (even a one liner on their project page that says their project is also on our site will suffice). Projects are selected based on the quality of the project and how many mentions are made by them about crowdfundfusion.

Who are your primary competitors and what advantages do you have over them?

Jon: There are no competitors to us right now, other sites that pool projects are either all user submitted and have a very low count of projects that are not updated or are sites that due to design are basically unusable. Our main advantage is that we have can adapt and develop very fast and that we also pay attention to what people want and need. We have a created a custom framework to use that has no equal in the industry today.

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What do you think the greatest challenges are in advancing crowdfunding markets and consumer adoption in Canada?

Jon: Canada is still a bit behind in some regards since crowdfunding has not been recognized at a national level both from political and financial circles as a future major force. Europe is forging ahead as is the U.S with the passing of the JOBS act. Any bureaucracy and red tape with regard to tax and income issues from crowdfunded sources should be streamlined to encourage more people to essentially start their own businesses with the help of crowdfunding. Crowdfundfusion is and will be a leader in getting more recognition for the crowdfundung industry in Canada and the world as a whole.

Where do you see crowdfunding evolving to in the years to come?

Jon: There has never been anything like crowdfunding in the history of business to date. The major hurdle has always been finding start-up capital for new ideas. This has meant that until now only those will access to large sums of money or those who are willing to risk their savings could fund a start-up. With crowdfunding the market research for an idea is done at the same time as raising start-up capital with the market deciding if an idea will have a chance in the market. As more and more people become aware of the power of crowdfunding, it is going to continue to grow and probably at a faster pace than it already has. It is an exciting time full of promise. It is going to become a major business and financial force in the near future.

Source: NCFA interview with Crowdfundfusion


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share save 171 16 - Crowdfundfusion portal aggregator launches out of Canada

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