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FundRazr Wins TV Show Nod

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FundRazr Press Release  |  Bret Conkin  |  Posted on Sept 11, 2013

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Canada’s Largest Crowd Funding Platform Selected for Key Technology Role

VANCOUVER - SEPTEMBER 9TH, 2013 – Vancouver-based FundRazr had a lot to cheer about today after getting the proverbial green light.

FundRazr, founded by entrepreneur Daryl Hatton, was selected as the preferred fundraising platform for Season 1 of the upcoming TV series, theCrowd Funder show, which launches September 22nd on FOX affiliate WUTV.

The new half-hour TV show is produced by Merton Park Film Studios of Toronto and is being dubbed as the first of its kind. Each episode will focus on six or seven inspiring projects that will provide audience members with insight into the project, thereby giving campaigners extra exposure and hopefully, an added financial boost.

Jordan Whelan, Merton’s Executive Producer said “the FundRazr platform has some important features, such as increased security and advanced social media technology, which provide his show participants with benefits that didn’t seem to be available from other companies.”

“Being selected as the preferred platform for this kind of innovative project is definitely a vote of confidence,” said Hatton.  “The reach of TV, combined with the show’s high value sponsor perks and the FundRazr platform, promise to break new ground in the industry.” 

Hatton expects the TV Show relationship to vault FundRazr’s business volume significantly as it battles with larger rivals Indiegogo and Kickstarter for the burgeoning crowdfunding market.

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"As fellow Canadian innovators, we were pleased to be selected by Merton TV as a preferred platform for their innovative productions, said FundRazr CEO/Founder Daryl Hatton.  "The addition of broadcast and high value sponsor perks is an industry first, and we're very pleased, together with the Crowdfunder show, to help people find their dreams, causes and passions in this exciting new way."

Each episode, with hosts Stacey Englehart and Preet Banerjee, will focus on six or seven inspiring ideas that will give the viewing audience  insights into the projects, it's founder(s), and the reasons why it should go from inception to reality.

Although the crowd funding industry has only been around in a prominent way for a few years, Hatton and FundRazr are considered pioneering innovators in an industry where approximately 400 active platforms compete for a finite number of viable projects.


About Merton Park:

Merton Park is a fully integrated production company based in Toronto.

About FundRazr: 

FundRazr is a global crowdfunding platform that has raised $20 million in the past year alone and was recently voted the BCTIA Most Promising Startup Winner.  FundRazr was also recently cited as the 30th fastest growing Canadian company in PROFIT Magazine’s Hot 50 ranking.


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