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fundrboogie launches Hip-Hop lifestyle crowdfunding site, powered by proven FundRazr technology

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FundRazr Release | Daryl Hatton | Jul 6, 2015

fundrboogie 300x172 - fundrboogie launches Hip-Hop lifestyle crowdfunding site, powered by proven FundRazr technologyFundRazr, one of the top crowdfunding platforms in the world, is pleased to announce its partnership with fundrboogie, the world's first Hip-Hop lifestyle crowdfunding platform.

fundrboogie launches on July 7th. Through this collaboration, fundrboogie benefits from FundRazr's six years of experience, the knowledge gained from hosting over 50,000 campaigns and their technology.

In turn, FundRazr is excited to help provide their tools to fundrboogie to expand crowdfunding's reach into the very influential Hip-Hop community, which continues to be underrepresented by mainstream crowdfunding platforms. fundrboogie is seeking project creators, fans, entrepreneurs and businesses to make and support projects that the Hip-Hop community wants to see come to life. The platform already boasts its first successful campaign, launched by underground rap artist Mr. Complex.

fundrboogie is now expanding into other projects, specifically through a groundbreaking art-currency project initially developed with legendary artist Rammellzee prior to his death. The art-currency project will showcase quarterly the work of innovative artists in a wholly unexpected way. The first campaign in this series is with artist Tyler Hicks and is launching July 7th in conjunction with the official fundrboogie website launch.

Hicks created an original piece titled "Blowback" as part of her "Open Season" series for this campaign, which not only showcases the creativity fundrboogie nurtures, but also the spirit of social engagement the platform values.

In the United States, Hip-Hop music alone generates over $10 billion a year, a small fraction of its global reach. Until now, established crowdfunding sites have not truly represented this extremely influential demographic. fundrboogie founder Randy Nkonoki-Ward, who previously founded, saw the need to connect Hip-Hop's fans, creators and entrepreneurs via a discerning crowdfunding platform.

"Whether you're De La Soul or a young entrepreneur, crowdfunding is an effective way to get supporters excited and involved with your project," says Nkonoki-Ward.

"Though Hip-Hop is one of the most dominant cultural influences on the planet, until now it has not been represented or understood by existing crowdfunding platforms. fundrboogie acts somewhat like an incubator for projects needing funding, offering campaign strategy development tips, help with PR and connecting successful projects with industry professionals and companies.”

FundRazr founder and CEO Daryl Hatton says the partnership is the natural next step for crowdfunding. “As crowdfunding moves into the mainstream, people will prefer platforms that support their specific community of interest.

The partnership between fundrboogie and FundRazr is the perfect solution for them. It provides customers with fundrboogie’s intense focus and expertise in the Hip-Hop community powered by FundRazr's world-leading crowdfunding technology."

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About fundrboogie – fundrboogie is a Hip-Hop lifestyle crowdfunding platform that helps creative projects raise money, connect with fans and helps successful projects partner to strengthen and expand their reach. Please read and share our fundrboogie blog @

Team fundrboogie:

Randy Nkonoki-Ward: founder and general manager of fundrboogie. Randy previously created 88HIPHOP.COM and was manager of standards and practices for the AMC network. Randy has also worked on television and film productions for a variety of media.

Jorge Ledesma: founding partner of fundrboogie, research, development & design. Jorge has worked as a creative director and designer for tech companies including Electronic Arts and ScanDisk. He also created Propaganda magazine, an internet publication celebrating the underground Hip-Hop community.

Lauren Jagnow: founding partner of fundrboogie, communications liason. Lauren previously worked for HBO and Bad Boy Entertainment.

Bryan Elliacin: fundrboogie digital production artist. Bryan studied Game Art & Design at the Art Institute of Las Vegas. He currently works in Los Angeles and creates original/branded content for commercials, TV and film.

Aaron Ledesma: fundrboogie blog editor. Aaron previously worked for Atomic Dog Magazine as well as The Beachcomber newspaper.

More information on fundrboogie can be found at or on Facebook at Follow them on Twitter @fundrboogie or Instagram @fundrboogie.

For press, media, interview requests and all things fundrboogie, please contact Lauren Jagnow,, 310.403.0839


FundRazr logo 250 - fundrboogie launches Hip-Hop lifestyle crowdfunding site, powered by proven FundRazr technologyAbout FundRazr – FundRazr is a crowdfunding solution that pairs industry-leading technology and innovative social tools to help people raise money for causes that matter and make a difference in their world. Unlike other major crowdfunding platforms, FundRazr also powers white-labeled solutions and delivers their state-of-the-art technology through market focused partnerships. Based in Vancouver, Canada, so far FundRazr has helped raise over $68 million for more than 50,000 campaigns around the world.

More information on FundRazr can be found at or on Facebook at Follow us on Twitter: @FundRazr, #fundrazr

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