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Gabe Nasr, Marketing Intern

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Gabe Nasr, Marketing Intern
UC Berkeley

Gabe Nasr is a current undergrad at University of California at Berkeley in the US. His studies are focused on philosophy of rhetoric and linguistics. Specifically: image and narrative, and the ways in which language functions as an effective medium. In addition, he has worked in a service role in Silicon Valley for the past 5 years, and has a deep understanding of current tech and venture trends.

He is very interested in the crowdfunding model because of its sustainability and community building potential, running counter to the dominant investment trends of Silicon Valley. In a marketing intern role here at the NCFA, Gabe helps in educating our members and followers on what’s new and changing in Canadian crowdfunding, and guiding NCFA’s goal of increasing crowdfunding awareness.

“Crowdfunding is rewriting the rulebook on how groundbreaking projects and products are formed. It is a democratic, altruistic way to innovate, which makes it such an appealing instrument in a world where corruption and risk run rampant in business investing.”


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The National Crowdfunding Association of Canada (NCFA Canada) is a cross-Canada non-profit actively engaged with both social and investment crowdfunding stakeholders across the country.  NCFA Canada provides education, research, leadership, support and networking opportunities to over 1100+ members and works closely with industry, government, academia, community and eco-system partners and affiliates to create a strong and vibrant crowdfunding industry in Canada.  Learn more About Us or visit



share save 171 16 - Gabe Nasr, Marketing Intern

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