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Local Crowdfunding Site Launches Campaign to Support Brampton Fire Victims


GreedyGiver Release | June 10, 2014

Brampton fire

Toronto-based crowdfunding platform GreedyGiver.com has launched a campaign to raise $10,000 for the Brampton fire victims.

On June 8, 2014 a devastating fire broke out in a Brampton townhouse complex leaving one child dead and nearly 100 homeless.

The community has gathered to support the victims bringing them clothing, blankets and food, but officials are saying money is needed most.

“We manage a platform that raises money for many worthy causes,”says Apostolos Sigalas of GreedyGiver.com, “starting a campaign to help the victims of this local tragedy is something we felt we had to do.”

The proceeds from the campaign will go to the Nicolas Gabriel/Ardglen Trust Fund managed by Regeneration Outreach Community - a local not-for-profit dedicated to assisting families in need.

GreedyGiver.com has also decided to waive its campaign fees to help raise more money. It is calling on the local community to support the campaign and help spread the word.

The campaign launched today and will be live for 30 days.

Visit GreedyGiver.com/BramptonFire to donate.



Sabrina Nicosia, Marketing Director, GreedyGiver.com

nicosia@greedygiver.com | 416 840.9800


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