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Presentation Decks from #CCS2017 (for Attendees ONLY)

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Thank you for attending the 2017 Canadian Crowdfinancing Summit (#CCS2017)!

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CCS2017 Presentation Decks Available for Attendees Only (otherwise Confidential)

FEB 28:  Pre-Summit Workshops (OneEleven)

  1. FundingNomad Session:  Profit-Sharing or Royalty Deals for Investors & Issuers (download)
  2. Crowdmatrix Showcase:
  3. BrightSpark Ventures Workshop:  How to Invest in Early Stage Companies (download)
  4. R2Crowd Presentation:  How to Invest in Real Estate if You Don't have a Rich Uncle? (download)

MAR 1:  CCS2017 Summit (MaRS)

  1. Morning Keynote: Equity Crowdfinance:  Past, Present and Future by Ryan Feit, SeedInvest (download)
  2. Show me the Money: How We Raised USD $100+ Million (Art or Science?)
    by Zach Smith, Funded Today (download)
  3. Canadian and Global Alternative Finance Markets: Volume, Trends and Key Indicators by E.J. Reedy of University of Chicago - Polsky Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation, Alixe Cormick of Venture Law Corp and Daryl Hatton of FundRazr (download)
  4. Blockchain ICOs:  The Future of Online Investing or Regulatory Crisis? by Alan Wunsche, Blockchain Canada (download)
  5. How Online Funding Platforms Give Voice to a Shared Value Economy by Paul Allard, Impak Finance (download)
  6. Marketplace Lending:  Made for the People, By the People by Cato Pastoll, Lending Loop (download)
  7. Growing Your Business Faster with Diversity by Tabitha Creighton, iQMetrix and Eva Wong, Borrowell (download)
  8. Industry Experts and National Regulatory Perspectives: What to Expect in 2017?  by Jason Saltzman, (Gowling WLG), Pat Chaukos (OSC LaunchPad), Elliott Mak and Zach Masum (BCSC), Denise Weeres (ASC), and Gabriel Araish (AMF) (download OSC deck)
  9. LUNCH & LEARN:  Strategies to Protect Your Revenue by Securing Intellectual Property (IP) Rights before Launching by Tony Sebata, Sabeta IP (download)
  10. Regulatory Presentation and Q&A:  FINTECH & P2P/ONLINE LENDING 
    1. Part 1:  Zach Masum, BCSC (download); and
    2. Part 2:  Amy Tsai, OSC LaunchPad (download)
  11. Bootstrapping:  From Concept to Revenue Under in 9 Months for Under $4k by Timothy Jodoin, Edispin (download)
  12. Regulatory Presentation and Q&A:  EQUITY CROWDFUNDING/FINANCE by Gabriel Araish (AMF), Elliott Mak (BCSC), Gloria Tsang (OSC), and Denise Weeres (ASC) (download)
  13. Applying Design Thinking to Maximize Interaction on Your Website (Coming soon)
  14. How I Created an Automated Networking Machine to Meet Hundreds of Investors & VCs by Joshua Fetcher, Autopilot (download)
  15. Post-Crowdfunding Best Practices:  How to Deliver On Time On Budget - Everything you need to Know by Gareth Everard (Rockwell Razors), Owen MacMullin (DHL Canada), and Mary-Rose Sutton (Shopify) (download)
  16. The Future of Fintech:  Is Canada becoming a World Class Fintech Hub?  by Sue Britton (Fintech Growth Syndicate), Bilal Khan (OneEleven), Jake Hirsch-Allen (LinkedIn), Jim Orlando (Omers Ventures), Amelia Young (Upside Consulting Group) and Philippe Garneau (BWG Brand Engineering) (download)
  17. CLOSING KEYNOTE:  Transformative Strategies and Insights for Alternative Finance Market Growth by Martin Graham (Fineqia and London Stock Exchange) (download)

Live Pitching Presentation Decks (MaRS):

  1. Seedlify by Sam Kawtharani (download)
  2. Tripian by Cenan Yunusoglu (download) *Session 1 Pitch Winner
  3. XYZ Interactive (UVolt replacement) by Michael Kosic (download)
  4. Curexe by Johnathan Holland (download)
  5. Knote by Ron Glozman (download) *Session 2 Pitch Winner
  6. by Roy Pereira (download)
  7. DashMD by Zack Fisch (download) *Session 3 Pitch Winner
  8. Better Current by Colin Campbell (download)
  9. CertClean by Jenise Lee (download)
  10. ShareWiz by Oz Demirel (download)
  11. Emerge by Alexandru Horghidan (download) *Session 4 Pitch Winner
  12. Triclops Technologies by Meng Xi Zhu (download)

Congratulations to the 4 live pitching companies:

Tripian (Cenan Yunusoglu), Knote (Ron Glozman), Dash MD (Zack Fisch), and Emerge (Alexandru Horghidan)!

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share save 171 16 - Presentation Decks from #CCS2017 (for Attendees ONLY)