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The Ultimate Reading List for Casino Players

Feb 7, 2023

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Gambling in an online casino Canada is not just for entertainment — some people turn this into a profession or career. If you want to become a professional player, you must read books to help you improve your skills. Today, we will provide you with an ultimate reading list for gamblers, which you can buy online or in a hard copy.

The Biggest Bluff

Author: Maria Konnikova

The Biggest Bluff is about poker. The author followed poker players and eventually became a poker player herself. The story reveals how she won big.

What she did was approach one poker Hall of Fame inductee, Erik Seidel, and ask him to be a mentor. Maria said she was not interested in making money but that she was interested in life.

As she played, she had a stretch of bad luck, and she eventually realized the things she could not control and the things that she could. Apart from the poker games and strategies, she also added some important principles from the area of psychology.

The book does not only talk about poker and how to win but how one person can apply the principles of poker in life. She provides detailed accounts of handling one’s emotions in poker games and in life and then turning the situation in your favour.

In addition, the book details her success story — how she started playing poker with people with zero knowledge and how she eventually earned hundreds of thousands of dollars and won a major title in the game. She even managed to get a sponsor.

Play Blackjack Like the Pros

Author: Kevin Blackwood

Blackjack is a combination of skill and chance. Despite this, there is a way to turn the tide around and make the game favourable to you, and this is what Kevin explains in this book.

Playing Blackjack Like the Pros is an important book for people who want to be an expert in the game — even if you have been playing it for a while. It is a requisite introduction to the game, its types, nuances, rules, and many more. Even if you are already an old-timer, you will still find it helpful.

The book also provides you with the following:

  • Playing online
  • Joining and winning tournaments
  • Low-stakes and high-stakes betting
  • Shoe games.

Most importantly, Kevin also covers card counting, and he split this skill into three types: novice, recreational, and professional.

The book introduces techniques that you may not have heard about, such as camouflage, which means you count cards, but you do not let the house know because if they find out, they may kick you out.

Playing Blackjack as a Business

Author: Lawrence Revere

Lawrence has always been credited as the Master of Blackjack. This book explains how he used computer technology to hone his techniques. As a player, he has 28 years of mastery in the game.

Here are some of the positions he held in the area of blackjack:

  • Pit boss
  • Dealer
  • Owner
  • Player at a professional level.

As you can see, he has been around, and he knows what he is doing. He was 13 years old when he first started dealing with blackjack at blackjack tables.

The book gives you an insider view of how blackjack works and what you can do to improve your game. He explains his theories as a professional, and his teaching method enables you to master the game.

One cool thing you need to know is that he used computer programs to design his strategies, which means that the computer program did the heavy lifting of the analysis of probabilities.

Gambling 102

Author: Michael Shackleford

Gambling 102 is the book you need if you want to learn a lot about different casino games. Unlike the first three books, this one covers several casino favourites.

Here are some of the games you will learn how to play:

  • Sic bo
  • Baccarat
  • Video poker
  • Craps
  • Blackjack.

Michael is a mathematician, and this book provides insight into the approaches and techniques that took him years to develop. This book will not teach you hunches but rewire your brain into using mathematics as a guide.

What this book aims to accomplish is to provide you with strategies that will help you win. Michael teaches you how the games work in terms that are easy to understand.

So, what can you expect from the book? After reading it, you can expect to learn how to play the games at the most basic levels. You will also understand the math behind the odds and what is worth betting for and giving up, such as when to hold, double down, fold, etc.

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Gambling can sometimes be fun, but it can also become a profession. Know, however, that it will take time to be skilful. Like any work, you need to practice. You will experience losses — anticipate this and ensure you do not bankrupt yourself. Practice at home in online casinos with small bets so you do not lose your capital before you bet big.

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