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4 Ways To Finance Your Business Venture

NCFA Guest Post | Mar 4, 2019

venture funding - 4 Ways To Finance Your Business Venture

At some point in your business life, you will need to raise money. It might be right at the start so you can hit the ground running, or it could be later on when you want to expand and need a boost. Whenever and why ever you want to raise money, it’s important to know what options are open to you, as there are many different ones, and they won’t all suit your situation. Here are some of the main ways to finance your business venture, no matter what reason that money is required.


Look To The Government

Depending on how much you need, what you intend to do with it, and what sector you are working in, there might be a government scheme or grant that could work for you. You will need to research this thoroughly, and it is always wise to ask for expert advice if you think there is something that could apply to you and your business.

If in doubt, apply for the grant or scheme anyway. The worst that can happen is that you are told no, and it might just be that you are able to obtain the money you need through this means. Even if it is a loan, the interest rate is likely to be much lower than those of traditional lenders.

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What most people think of when they start to consider financing their business is a loan. This could be a business loan or perhaps a personal one. Loans can be extremely useful, offering you the money you need and giving you the peace of mind of knowing how much you need to pay back each month, and for how long.

To obtain a business loan, you will need to have a business plan that outlines exactly where you plan to spend the money and how it will help you to make a profit so that you can pay the money back again. Some lenders might not be able to lend to a startup business that has no financial records, however, because they simply can’t be sure of being paid back.

In this case, some business owners might turn to a personal loan. This can be just as good, as long as the business pays the loan back so that the individual is not out of pocket. The only problem is that you might not be granted a loan due to a poor credit score. This is why it’s best to check beforehand; you can either dispute your ranking on ChexSystems and find out more on why this is a good idea, or you can try to repair your credit if you can’t find any errors. At this point, you can apply for another loan.


Find An Angel Investor

An angel investor is a wealthy individual who is keen to invest in a business in order to get a return on their money. How much they put in and how much they want in return will vary, and is something you will need to discuss between you if you can set up a meeting with such an investor.

Some angel investors will want to put money into a business and then leave others to run it. Others will want to be more involved, and may want to be part of the management team. Again, this is all to be negotiated when the finer details are discussed.

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You will probably have heard of crowdfunding, and perhaps you have even invested some money yourself, but you might not have considered it for your own business. However, it can be ideal for raising money to help you to grow, and shouldn’t be dismissed out of hand. Crowdfunding is no longer just for charities and good causes; small businesses are more than welcome to create a page as well.

There are many different crowdfunding companies available to choose from, each one specializing in a different area. Research is key, because writing a great campaign but using it on the wrong forum is not going to help you get the money you need for your business.

The first step is to find the right forum and create the campaign. After this, you will need to share it on social media, and ensure that others share it too. Some campaigns offer stakes in the business or products or services in return for cash, so you will need to know what you are willing to give away in order to bring in the money you need.


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Cato Institute | Jennifer J. Schulp and William Yeatman | Jun 8, 2022 While some environmental advocates, consultants, and asset managers selling “sustainable” investment products have found a myriad of things to love about the proposal, there are far more reasons to criticize the SEC’s bold move: it’s a menace that threatens harm upon financial markets, the SEC itself, and even the cause of environmentalism. Proposed increase in compliance costs Under the proposal, about 7,000 companies would have to report their “climate‐​related risks and impacts.” The SEC estimates that these new rules would raise the annual cost of compliance from $3.8 billion to $10.2 billion. That’s no small change. And the SEC’s estimates of $420,000 to $530,000 in annual expenses, including the services of climate modelers and emissions accountants, places a substantial burden on companies, particularly smaller ones. SECs justifications fall short First, the SEC says that it must “protect investors” from an ongoing “market failure” involving “difficulties locating and assessing climate‐​related information when making their investment or voting decisions.” Second, the agency purports that it must correct “market inefficiencies” resulting in capital flows that supposedly do not reflect the true threat of global warming. See:  NCFA Response to FINTRAC’s ‘Knee Jerk’ Regulations Requiring ...
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