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Canada’s Top FinTechs: Deloitte’s 2023 Fast 50

Fintech Innovation | Nov 15, 2023

Delitte Fast 50 Program 2023 - Canada's Top FinTechs: Deloitte's 2023 Fast 50

Deloitte's 2023 Technology Fast 50, a turning point for these Canadian Fintech trailblazers on the list.

  • The Technology Fast 50 program, initiated 26 years ago, is a celebration of the remarkable progress and world-class achievements in the Canadian technology sector.
  • Deloitte recognizes these awards as a crucial platform to honor the dedication, vision, and integrity driving Canada's tech industry forward.

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  • The program encompasses a wide range of companies, from small to large, public to private, cutting across multiple sectors like hardware, software, telecom, digital media, and emerging fields like fintech, and clean technology.

Congrats to These Fast 50 Canadian Fintechs (On the list)

These companies, excelling in innovation and growth, are not just shaping the future of financial technology in Canada but are also setting global benchmarks.

  1. Dapper Labs: Based in Vancouver, BC, Dapper Labs, founded in 2018, is revolutionizing the blockchain space with unique digital collectibles and experiences.
  2. Noibu: Operating out of Ottawa, ON since 2017, Noibu specializes in error tracking software to enhance e-commerce platforms.
  3. nesto: Nesto, founded in 2018 and located in Montreal, QC, offers an innovative online mortgage solution streamlining the home financing process.
  4. Clutch: Based in Toronto, ON, Clutch, established in 2016, is transforming the car buying experience with its direct-to-consumer online platform.
  5. Aquanow: From Vancouver, BC, Aquanow, founded in 2018, provides advanced infrastructure for digital finance and decentralized systems.
  6. VirgoCX: VirgoCX, established in 2018 and based in Toronto, ON, is a leading cryptocurrency trading platform offering secure and easy trading.
  7. Symend: Hailing from Calgary, AB, and founded in 2016, Symend is a digital engagement platform that uses behavioral science to help businesses manage and collect debts.
  8. Brim Financial: Operating from Toronto, ON since 2015, Brim Financial offers a range of innovative credit card and payment solutions.
  9. ZayZoon: ZayZoon, based in Calgary, AB and founded in 2014, provides employees with access to their earned wages on-demand to improve financial wellness.
  10. Trolley: Founded in 2015 and based in Westmount, QC, Trolley (formerly Payment Rails) simplifies global payouts for businesses.
  11. d1g1t: d1g1t, established in 2017 and located in Toronto, ON, offers an enterprise wealth management platform powered by analytics and risk management tools.
  12. KOHO: Based in Toronto, ON and founded in 2014, KOHO is a fintech company providing a smart spending account with no fees and cashback.
  13. Zensurance: Operating out of Toronto, ON since 2016, Zensurance is streamlining the process of buying and managing business insurance.
  14. Marble Financial Inc.: Marble Financial, founded in 2016 and based in Vancouver, BC, offers proprietary technology solutions to help Canadians improve their credit scores.
  15. League: League, located in Toronto, ON and founded in 2014, is transforming employee healthcare benefits with its digital platform.
  16. Plooto: Plooto, established in 2015 in Toronto, ON, provides an end-to-end payment solution for businesses to manage their cash flow.
  17. Coconut Software: Based in Saskatoon, SK and founded in 2007, Coconut Software specializes in appointment scheduling and lobby management solutions.
  18. Hopper: Hopper, from Montreal, QC and founded in 2007, is a mobile app that uses big data to predict and analyze airfare.
  19. Dialogue: Founded in 2016 and based in Montreal, QC, Dialogue offers a range of telemedicine services for businesses and their employees.
  20. Lightspeed Commerce: Operating since 2005 in Montreal, QC, Lightspeed Commerce provides cloud-based point-of-sale and e-commerce software for retailers and restaurateurs.
  21. Trulioo: Trulioo, established in 2011 in Vancouver, BC, offers global identity verification services to businesses and organizations.

2023 Fintechs to Watch List

The "Companies-to-watch" category identifies promising Canadian technology companies as potential future contenders for the Technology Fast 50 category. This recognition is based on their percentage of revenue growth over the past three years of operation.

  1. Neo Financial: Neo Financial, founded in 2019 and based in Calgary, AB, is reimagining banking by offering rewarding spending and saving options.
  2. DealMaker: DealMaker, located in Toronto, ON and founded in 2017, is a technology platform streamlining the process of raising capital.


In summary, Deloitte's 2023 Technology Fast 50 program shines a spotlight on the amazing growth made by Canadian fintech companies. These organizations, ranging from startups to established players, are not just contributing to Canada's economic growth but are also carving out a significant presence on the global stage.  Their innovations in areas like blockchain, digital finance, and payment solutions are redefining the financial sector.

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