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CRM in 2020: Creating a Competitive Advantage for Your Business

Guest Post | May 20, 2020

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Small and high businesses all over the world have already understood the benefits of CRM. It provides an important feature that is crucial for every business: competitive advantage will scale up your business. Every business aims to organize effective work with no time-wasting on processes that don't bring the desired result.

Luckily, the number of platforms that enable businesses to work more efficiently is big. is an effective CRM system that features strategies, tools, and technologies for acquiring customers and developing a long-lasting relationship with them. But what is CRM and why such a huge number of organizations use it? CRM meaning is customer relationship management and aims to turn new clients into loyal customers through better and clearer service.

In the following part of the article, we are going to talk about how a CRM system can help businesses to compete.

Ways CRM Helps To Gain Competitive Advantage in 2020

What does make your company stand up? Do you offer more affordable prices, better customer service, or higher quality products? Even if your business is successful, you will still want to improve it to deliver even better service or products to your clients. There is one solution that can cover all gaps, increase sales, and keep customers satisfied. Learn more about features that CRM provides for competitive advantage in 2020:

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The right tools for sales

So many times businesses practice various tools hoping to convert quotes into sales. Unfortunately, organizations end up spending a lot of money on innovations and see no result. CRM has all the right tools for the sales team to succeed. CRM for business offers planned sales, they can focus on turning quotes, invoices, and orders into sales rather than wasting time on reports.

Low-code for flexibility

There is nothing as important as being flexible and being able to adapt to changes quickly. Modern CRM systems allow businesses to develop software themselves. Businesses can automate their ideas almost immediately without hiring software developers and spending extra money. Low-code doesn't require special knowledge and experience. The innovation enables the development of apps by using visual interfaces and simple logic. Low coding is not only an exciting process of creating a convenient software for your customers but a great ability to be agile and quickly adapt to changes.

Exceptional customer service

When you define CRM, you understand that it's all about relationships with your customers. By providing personal service, you will keep your clients happy. CRM has all the necessary tools to keep your customers valued: in this case, they will unlikely look for better solutions. CRM processes enable happy customers to return to your organization and recommend it. Customers who are treated with respect and understanding feel that their needs are valued, therefore, they trust such an organization. As a result, CRM helps to build a long-lasting relationship with your consumers.

Real-time access

CRM system allows your organization to be aware of customers' needs 24/7. Businesses can have access to information and provide responses to clients' requests at all times. It's a convenient model of productive business that meets customers' requirements quickly and effectively, therefore, exceeds their expectations and becomes a truly competitive organization on the market.


From the article, you had a chance to learn what does CRM stand for and what features it offers that allow businesses to compete. Customer relationship management is an irreplaceable tool that scales up startups and helps established organizations to attract new customers and gain their respect in a short time.

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