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Crowdfundfusion.com, a Simple and Intuitive ‘Search Engine’ for the Crowdfunding Space, Celebrates Over $1 Billion Raised for Projects


Digital Journal | Jonathan Mushey | Feb 25, 2014

CrowdfundfusionWINNIPEG, Canada, Feb. 25, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- The most popular Crowdfunding sites on the Internet (Kickstarter, Indiegogo, Rockethub, Fundrazr and Fundly) have collectively raised more than $1 Billion for successful, fully funded projects. This was made possible when projects listed on Fundrazr.com and Fundly.com were recently added to Crowdfundfusion.com, the first site on the Internet that sorts and groups projects from the major crowdfunding sites. The Billion dollar amount has special significance since it does not include money that is currently pledged or previously pledged from failed projects and is the first time in Crowdfunding history that such a milestone has been reached. The staggering total is displayed prominently on the home page along with current dollars pledged (which is currently over $30 Million).

Crowdfunding is becoming an Internet juggernaut, with total dollars pledged expected to easily reach over $6 Billion in 2014. With that kind of money changing hands the number of crowdfunding sites has exploded, making it impossible for Internet surfers to keep up with the thousands of projects being displayed on different sites.Crowdfundfusion

Co-founders Jonathan Mushey and Lenny Leblanc from Winnipeg, Canada created Crowdfundfusion.com (launched in 2013), where projects from five of the biggest crowdfunding sites are constantly being added, updated, sorted and combined into categories, sub categories and types to give visitors simple, intuitive ways to browse and compare projects from the different sites side by side.

"The Crowdfunding industry is reaching a point where a site like ours is necessary to assist people in wading through the thousands of new projects starting every day," states co-founder Jonathan Mushey. Co-founder Lenny Leblanc goes further to state "Our site is the Google for Crowdfunding projects."

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Crowdfundfusion intends to expand the list of sites whose projects are collected, stored and displayed with several other additions being currently reviewed. Visitors to the site can have some input into the next sites to be added by submitting a site for review or by voting for ones that have already been submitted. Many tools for project creators are also offered, like the opportunity to get their project featured on the home page, tips for planning and executing a successful project and other resources to help creators deliver a quality product.

To learn more, visit http://www.crowdfundfusion.com/

To view market statistics, visit http://www.crowdfundfusion.com/stats

Jonathan Mushey
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