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GBBC Publishes Latest Blockchain Law Journal Volume VII

Blockchain Regulation | Oct 20, 2023

GBBC Blockchain Law journal VII - GBBC Publishes Latest Blockchain Law Journal Volume VII

The Global Blockchain Business Council has published their latest update "The International Journal of Blockchain Law Volume VII," for review

Journal Highlights

UK's Progressive Stance on Cryptocurrency Regulation

Preston J. Byrne from Brown Rudnick LLP discusses the UK's approach to cryptocurrency regulation. Unlike the U.S., which leans heavily on its securities laws, the UK has adopted a balanced approach, recognizing that cryptocurrencies are not traditional securities. This perspective positions the UK as a potential leader in fostering crypto innovation.

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U.S. Federal Court's Ruling on Ripple's XRP

The journal sheds light on the landmark decision by the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York on Ripple's XRP. This ruling has significant implications for cryptocurrency companies, marking a pivotal moment in the U.S.'s approach to digital assets.

Singapore's Perspective on Crypto Debt

An intriguing case from Singapore's High Court is highlighted, where the court ruled that a debt denominated in cryptocurrency could not be viewed as a debt in traditional fiat currency. This decision has profound implications for businesses transacting in cryptocurrencies.

HyFi - A New Vision for DeFi

The journal introduces the concept of "Hybrid Finance" (HyFi), which aims to merge the best of traditional finance and decentralized finance. This model promotes a collaborative approach, ensuring that DeFi retains its core features while inviting global participation.

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As blockchain technology continues to evolve, understanding the legal intricacies becomes paramount. For the Canadian fintech community, this journal serves as a guide to navigate the complex world of blockchain law and stay ahead of the curve.

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