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Posted by NCFA Canada | March 25, 2015

The explosive growth of crowdfunding within the real estate sector together with recent significant high profile investments in crowdfunding platforms has drawn much attention to new online models for accessing and investing in the asset class. Find out how much crowdfunding for real estate raised in 2014 through Massolution's 2015 Crowdfunding for Real Estate report.

Source: Massolution. 2015 CF-RE: Crowdfunding for Real Estate


Find out how.....?

Crowdfunding for Real Estate has emerged as one of the hottest crowdfunding categories. Find out how much, of the expected $10 billion plus overall worldwide crowdfunding market volume, crowdfunding for real estate raised in 2014 and what the composition and outlook is for this important asset class in 2015 and beyond. Get your copy of Massolution's inaugural comprehensive 150 page report, and learn more about the intersection of Crowdfunding and Real Estate.

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crowdfunding real estate report

Get the only reliable and comprehensive insight into the size, composition and outlook for the real estate crowdfunding sector, from Massolution, the industry insider. 150 pages of in-depth analysis: addressing the size, composition, trends and outlook for crowdfunding in the global real estate market. 2015CF Crowdfunding for Real Estate will review real estate as an asset class, and the role it plays in an investment portfolio, and how the "crowd" is expressing its desire to engage with new forms of online access, via crowdfunding. Further, the report will discuss crowdfunding activity across real estate's subclasses – commercial and industrial, hospitality, infrastructure, multi-family and single family residential. 2015CF Crowdfunding for Real Estate will also address:

  • The market composition of crowdfunded projects, activity by region, analysis of the market landscape of crowdfunding platforms (CFP) supported by our data collection outreach to approximately 75 real estate CFP's globally.
  • The perceived benefits and disadvantages of real estate crowdfunding from the perspective of users and suppliers of capital and,
  • Possible futures for this nascent investment methodology.




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