Murray McKercher, Advisory Committee to the Board

Murray McKercher

Murray McKercher
Board Advisor

Murray McKercher is the Founder, Visionary  and Managing Director of InfoComm Canada, a project management company that assists corporations and governments with the selection and implementation of mobile communications technologies that enables their employees to perform their work safely and effectively.

Murray brings over 30 years of experience and expertise in the field of information and communications technologies with a focus on the mobile internet.  He is an Advisor at the Mobile Institute, which educates, enables and empowers organizations to capture their share of the global marketplace.

He is an active supporter of innovative start-ups and connects entrepreneurs with the resources and networks required to progress their ventures.  Murray is on a personal mission to connect with a number of start-ups to help incubate them to gain traction in the tech and financial eco-systems.

He works with various accelerator organizations and serves as an Advisor to the students, staff and entrepreneurs at Ryerson University's Digital Media Zone.

Murray is also a member of ICANN, (The Internet Corporation of Assigned Names and Numbers) and a global member of the Internet Society.

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