What you need to know about launching a Kickstarter project in Montreal

CBC | By Jaela Bernstien, Roberto Rocha | April 27, 2017

compulsion games 300x169 - What you need to know about launching a Kickstarter project in MontrealAccording to a CBC analysis, the majority of Kickstarter campaigns launched in Montreal are tech and video games, but the crowdfunding projects that succeed aren't necessarily what you'd expect.

CBC looked at six years of Kickstarter projects with data provided by Web Robots and HiveWire, two firms that track crowdfunding sites.

Only Kickstarter data was used since it has the largest and most representative sample of Canadian crowdfunding projects.

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The crowdfunding data sheds light on creative trends in cities large and small, including Montreal.

As far as the total number of Kickstarter projects is concerned, Montreal is the third biggest city, after Toronto and Vancouver.

Montreal is known as a tech and video game hub, and that's reflected on Kickstarter, where most of the campaigns launched out of Montreal are in the tech and video gaming industry.

But not all Kickstarter campaigns actually succeed.

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So which projects are most likely to achieve their target fundraising goals?

In Montreal, films performed above the national average: 49 per cent of those launched here succeeded, compared to the 37 per cent success rate nationwide.

"Montreal also outperforms the country in tech projects — the toughest category according to CBC's analysis."

In Montreal, one-quarter of tech campaigns met their funding targets. In the rest of Canada, about 19 percent did.

What makes a Kickstarter campaign successful?

One key takeaway from CBC's analysis of nearly 10,000 Canadian Kickstarter projects was that crowdfunding works best on projects that already have something to show.

One of the highest fundraising goals in Canada that succeeded was for We Happy Few, a video game created by Compulsion Games.

They raised more than $300,000 through Kickstarter.

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