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Digital transformation: 9 emerging roles you need on your team

Enterprisers Project | Stephanie Overby | Oct 26, 2020

snips 300x172 - Digital transformation: 9 emerging roles you need on your team  From customer experience experts to cloud security pros, these roles could make or break your digital transformation work. Certainly, there are still some must-have roles, like the DT lead, the financial analyst, and the user experience expert. But some additional roles and capabilities are emerging as increasingly valuable to their enterprise digital initiatives.

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Roles that can add value to digital transformation programs now include:

1. The CXperts

The CX leader or team focuses on the customer journey and the most important CX outcomes. They look at all the ways a customer interacts with a company digitally to really elevate the omnichannel experience.

“No digital transformation project can be truly successful without first thinking about the ultimate outcomes for customers,” says Miki Sandorfi, senior vice president of product engineering at Sungard AS.”

CXperts are also proficient with roles to analyze data about the customer experience, constantly A/B test, run focus groups with consumers, and work with front-end engineering, operations, and data science teams.

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2. The business-process duo

It's important to have a team who is well-versed in current business processes and also have the skill set to rethink and simplify those existing processes for success in the digital world.

“Organizations need both institutional knowledge and strong, process-oriented problem-solving skill sets,” says Shezhad Amin, director at management and IT consultancy Pace Harmon.”

Amin advocates pairing up individuals who are very familiar with the business workflow and associated rationale with an expert process-oriented problem-solver who engages constituents to determine what strategies will work best.

3. Brand strategists

Marketing plays a critical role not just as a consumer of digital initiatives, but as a group that should be in on the ground floor of any digital transformation effort. Brand strategists also have a deep understanding of the company’s identity and marketing processes across channels, as well as where improvements can be made.

4. Data stewards

Data governance – the organizational framework for optimal data management – is key.

“Data stewards have the power to ensure data is accurate from the beginning and need to be supported within their organizations,” says Melanie Nuce, SVP of corporate development at GS1 US, the administrator of the UPC barcode.

Data stewards are responsible for the creation and setup of master data, including defining the content for each data field and attribute, ensuring quality, and helping to develop and enforce policies and standards around that master data.

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5. The cloud security pro

Ideally, cloud security should be part of the core team. At the very least, digital transformation initiatives should include trusted cloud security consultants.  Not having a cloud security expert on the digital transformation team could leave an organization vulnerable to breach either via misconfiguration or hacking.

“Too many people fail to understand the complexities and governance required to adequately secure and maintain or even utilize a cloud-based solution,” says David Levine, vice president of corporate and information security and CSO at Ricoh USA


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