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Event Montreal Wrap-up: Crowdfund Night#2

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Posted by Heri Rakotomalala, Partner at Seeding Factory and NCFA Canada Ambassador |  April 1, 2013

crowdfund night 21 - Event Montreal Wrap-up:  Crowdfund Night#2

MONTREAL, ON - March 21, 2013, 120 crowdfunding fans gathered at Centre St-Pierre, Montreal for Crowdfund Night.  It was a rare opportunity to learn and share about crowdfunding.

Attendees discovered projects that were being crowdfunded in the marketplace and network with the many creatives, tech entrepreneurs, filmmakers, musicians, designers and social entrepreneurs present in the room.  A few journalists, students, and montréalers were also present, curious to discover a movement that's largely new for them.  Owners of crowdfunding platforms, such as or niche platforms such as completed the line-up.

Chris Arsenault, from iNovia Capital, had encouraging remarks for all entrepreneurs in the room, on how they should all seize the crowdfunding opportunity to make their dreams come true.  He also alluded to the upcoming equity crowdfunding potential, still not possible in Canada, but with diligent work could possibly be true in 2013.

Next, John Vaskis from indiegogo went through the platform's potential, and answered many questions from the audience about recipes for success.  Heri Rakotomalala, from SeedingFactory, gave a presentation about the art and science of making a crowdfunding video.

Crowdfund Night#2 also featured crowdfunding projects, and the audience was eager to learn how they designed, launched and communicated about their campaigns.  As demonstrated by early feedback from attendees, many wished there was more time to learn about crowdfunding and it’s potential.

Thanks for law firm Spiegel Sohmer and crowdfunding platform for sponsoring!

Source:  Heri Rakotomalala, Partner at Seeding Factory and NCFA Canada Ambassador


About NCFA Canada Ambassadors Program

NCFA Crowdfunding Ambassadors Program 300x296 - Event Montreal Wrap-up:  Crowdfund Night#2The National Crowdfunding Association of Canada (NCFA Canada) has recently launched a nation-wide Ambassadors Program aimed at recognizing, supporting and unifying crowdfunding leaders across the country through collaborative events, education and resource sharing initiatives.  With a rapidly evolving and expanding crowdfunding industry, there is a great need for peer to peer collaboration in the areas of research, education and advocacy working together to establish best practices

share save 171 16 - Event Montreal Wrap-up:  Crowdfund Night#2

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