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Immersive 2-day Blockchain Developer Training Course (Nov 10-11, Toronto): Decentralized Application Development

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Blockchain is here – so what next?

Nov 10 11 Immersive 2 Day Blockchchain Developer Course Toronto 800 - Immersive 2-day Blockchain Developer Training Course (Nov 10-11, Toronto): Decentralized Application Development

The Blockchain Developer Opportunity

If you are a software engineer interested in emerging high growth project opportunities, you’ll want to ensure your technical skills are polished and you have access to proper training and resources. There is a significant shortage of skilled Blockchain developers unable to meet the demand of emerging projects! NCFA is pleased to announce an inaugural educational partnership with the Blockchain Learning Group offering a special introductory rate to attend an immersive, 2-day Blockchain developer training course on decentralized application development to help fill the gap of skilled engineers while connecting graduates to project opportunities.

According to a recent 2018 PwC survey, 84% of 600 executive responders confirmed some involvement with Blockchain technology from proof of concepts to well capitalized international scale-ups and incumbents looking to modernize legacy systems. Distributed and immutable ledger applications are evolving rapidly with uses cases that improve trust and transparency for many business processes while distributing transactions to a decentralized network in a way that reduces costs and eliminates intermediaries. While crypto markets have exceeded $200 billion in just the last 2 years alone, the underlying technology is forecasted to disrupt almost every vertical with annual business value of more than US$3 trillion by 2030.


2 Day Immersive, Blockchain Developer Training Course: Decentralized Application Development

Day 1: 9:30am - 4:00pm on Saturday November 10, 2018

Day 2: 9:30am - 4:00pm on Sunday November 11, 2018

Location:  1240 Bay Street, Suite 501, Toronto, M5R 2A7 (NCFA Office)


Special introductory rate of $1250 + HST

Limited capacity: 15 seats (small hands-on classroom)

20% Early bird discount for first 5 registrations

Pay in crypto? Email:

Lunch is provided both days.  Bring your laptop!

Location subject to change (Downtown Toronto Area)

Refunds accepted by Oct 31.  After Oct 31 credit can be requested.

Course Description:

An immersive, hands on 2-day course in Blockchain technology, with a focus on decentralized application (DApp) development. From the basics of Blockchain technology to in-depth explorations of use cases and smart contract development patterns.  Additionally, a deep dive into utilizing the Ethereum platform to build powerful and impactful applications. The course is facilitated by a BLG trainer and utilizes a combination of theoretical and practical instruction and incorporates the following modules:


Day 1 Outline:  Blockchain Fundamentals

Blockchain theory and fundamentals, followed by a detailed look under the hood and followed by a deep dive into Ethereum and smart contracts. Participants will view, and interact with, Blockchain networks and complete multiple smart contract exercises.

  • Introductions
  • History of Databases, WWW, Cryptography
  • What is Blockchain
  • How it Works
  • Blockchain Types
  • Ethereum Explained
  • Use Cases and Implications
  • Smart Contract Exercises


Day 2 Outline: Introduction to DApp Development

Exploration of state-of-the-art DApp development and Blockchain tools so that participants can effectively create, test, deploy, and interact with several solidity smart contracts from within a DApp. Participants will create their very own DApp, ranging from an ERC20 enabled wallet to a functional decentralized exchange.

  • Introduction to DApps
  • DApps Explained and Frameworks
  • Development Architecture
  • Security Considerations
  • Deployment Techniques
  • Account Management
  • DApp Development



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Who Should Attend?  Developers!

  1. At least 1 year of programming or software development experience is required!
  2. Have experience or some exposure creating Web Apps? Fairly decent with Javascript? Interested in developing a solid foundation in Blockchain Technology in just two days?

If you answered yes to some or all of the above, then you are very likely a good fit for this course!

For those with minimal software development, specifically web experience, the resources attached below are recommended to review prior to the course start:

  1. Object destructing:
  2. Arrow functions:


What you will get out of this course?

  • A deep understanding of Blockchain technology, smart contracts and DApps, including hands-on experience in full stack decentralized application development
  • A clear grasp of how Blockchain technology works, the key components and actors
  • Ultimately, a truly immersive course that will give you the confidence to continue your Blockchain development journey!


Why you should attend this course?

  1. Blockchain technology is booming and here to stay with lucrative job and market development opportunities
  • Disruptive cutting-edge technology with global impact
  • Wide range of applications and use cases from commercial banking and financial services to real estate, healthcare, voting, government and travel.
  • Canada is an early global leader and home to many notable Blockchain/crypto projects and groups paving the way for the next cohort
  1. Globally Tested Program and Top Trainer
  • Global leader in Blockchain developer training on Ethereum with organizations like TMX Group, AGL Energy, Ontario government, and the UNDP (United Nations Development Programme
  • Highly experienced trainer with real-world enterprise DApp project development experience for global clientele
  • Finally a Blockchain development course designed for developers, by developers!
  1. Special Introductory Offer for NCFAs community (Save time & money)
  • Small class size - limited capacity (15 seats max) – register today
  • Intensive weekend course format (hands-on weekend training; no time off work)
  • Great comparable value


 What Students Who Took the Course are Saying

“I had been very interested in Blockchain and all its potential, but the technical aspect seemed daunting- out of my scope of understanding. In two short days. I was taught to think differently and came out with a whole new mindset due to the immersive hands-on learning experience Blockchain Learning Group provided. Their instructors broke down the content well enough so that I could easily digest it, but at the same time, maintained a level of challenge and moved through the material very quickly in order to cover a lot in the limited time. The instructors were patient, eager to help, and I felt very comfortable in their learning environment, and as a result, I took away a lot from the experience. With well-planned out course material and excellent instructors, I would recommend the course to anyone looking to dive in head first into the space."

“The Blockchain Learning Group delivered a workshop that was incredibly informative, and well-organized. They provided a structure that included both an understanding of Blockchain technology and decentralized applications, as well as an immersive method to building your own tokens and wallets. The instructors were extremely supportive throughout the entire process, and very eager to ensure that we received the most out of this opportunity. For both coders and non-coders, beginners and intermediates, this workshop is exceptionally beneficial to augment your understanding of DApps!

What Corporate Trainers are Saying

“Their approach to Blockchain education – combining developer training with business ideation and facilitating the actual Application Development - is by far the most immersive, responsive and action-oriented training program we have seen in the market. Their approach is underpinned by a deep understanding of how to efficiently leverage Blockchain for business coupled with a seamless training regimen. Our developers who participated in the education program were amazed at how much practical knowledge they acquired in such a short period of time!”

"Wow. Just wow. Before the training, our students had a rudimentary understanding of Blockchain technologies. Only a few weeks later they are building multiple decentralized applications and becoming young thought leaders in such a short period of time! Adam and the team were phenomenal facilitators. Not only were they incredibly knowledgeable, but they knew how to deliver the content to different audiences who might have had various levels of coding experience and Blockchain understanding. How they were able to provide a personalized experience to a group of young people was very impressive.”

 Limited Capacity - RESERVE YOUR SEAT TODAY!

blockchain developer training course500 - Immersive 2-day Blockchain Developer Training Course (Nov 10-11, Toronto): Decentralized Application Development


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About The Blockchain Learning Group (BLG)

The Blockchain Learning Group provides individuals and organizations with an education-based vehicle to jumpstart their Blockchain strategies by increasing their technical bench strength and creating real-world applications within a minimum period of time.  They work with leading organizations globally to facilitate comprehensive, hands-on courses aimed at the developer base - and the organizations that they belong to – in order to provide them with the knowledge, tools and confidence to make an immediate impact with their Blockchain projects.  For more information, please visit:

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