Toronto’s Notch Video Launches Video Production Marketplace

BetaKit Newsroom  |  October 28, 2013

Crowdfunding video pro services market 300x219 - Toronto’s Notch Video Launches Video Production Marketplace

Toronto-based startup Notch Video launched today, offering its video production marketplace.

The startup claims to launch the first ever online service-based marketplace for video production, “making creating videos easier, more accessible and more affordable by simplifying the video production process and delivering top creative talent across North America”.

Businesses can use Notch Video to find the talent to create marketing videos for their websites, YouTube channels, Facebook Pages, and other social media platforms.

“Notch Video is like the Airbnb of video production, helping businesses of all sizes create videos based specifically on their needs,” said managing director Ian Buck. “In the past it was hard to find skilled, independent video producers who could create the kind of video content that is exploding online. Creating great video content is no longer limited to businesses with huge resources… anybody can do it.”

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