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A Guide To Responsible Gambling at Ontario Online Casinos

March 21, 2024

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People who love games of chance usually love seeking entertainment from online casinos (as long as it is done responsibly). However, sometimes the thrill of cashing losses and trying to win big can lead to excessive use. That is exactly why the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) has introduced safety measures. The measures usually refer to the operators who are required to have a license and must implement responsible gambling measures for the sake of user protection. Also, there are some steps players can take, and this article will give you an insight into the responsible gambling practices in the province.

Regional Initiatives

It is obvious that the gambling industry is on the rise in Ontario. Since the market is controlled and regulated, various initiatives promote responsible gambling, and it is all supported by the AGCO - the province’s regulator.

For example, the OLG (Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation) created a program called PlaySmart. This program is designed to provide users with valuable and crucial information about making smart choices while gambling online. Also, there are similar initiatives that the Responsible Gaming Council (RGC) created. Additionally, the AGCO created a system where each operator has to provide its members with simple access to responsible gambling tools, resources, and literature. Finally, online casinos must have measures in place that can help identify potential problem gamblers on the platform.

How to Gamble Responsibly in Ontario

The officials have certainly done their part to promote responsible gambling in the province, but there are other things that you - as a player - can do.

Choose Reputable Operators

Whether you are new to online gambling or not, you should only opt for operators that have a license and a good reputation. But, finding such casinos can be through, and that’s why many players rely on unbiased and reliable review websites where they can find the most reliable online casinos in Ontario. Review websites are there to provide their honest and expert opinion, and all operators they recommend are bound to keep your data safe and game fair. Using such resources will help you pinpoint the operators that are actually worth your time. You can even compare different casinos based on relevant industry criteria.

Carefully Plan Your Bankroll

Before you embark on your online gambling journey, take the time to create a reasonable budgeting strategy. You can create a daily, weekly, or monthly budget, and make sure to stick to it, regardless of the results. Remember, you should never gamble more than you can actually afford to lose.

Limit the Time You Spend Playing

Gambling should always be something you do for entertainment only, and in order to keep it that way, you should define daily or weekly time limits that will keep it from affecting your personal life. In Ontario, licensed operators are obliged by the AGCO to offer each player the option of setting time limits. But besides the on-site scheduling, it is very important for you to learn when to take a break and simply walk away. Chasing losses is one of the most damaging things you can fall for. That is why you should learn how to resist the temptation of trying to win back the funds that you lost.

Focus on Games You’re Familiar With

Even though it is fun to explore new categories and titles, you should spend the majority of your time and budget on the games you actually know well. So before you decide to place a wager, you should already be familiar with the rules and odds of that particular title. And if you need more time to master the basics, you can always play more demo rounds that will help you gather experience in a risk-free way.

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Online gambling is a legal practice in Ontario, so the locals engage with their favourite games in a regulated landscape. Besides the licensing procedures and requirements, the AGCO is also in control of important safety practices designed to promote responsible gambling. Additionally, there are some extra steps that players can take to stay safe, and now that you learned all about them, you have a good understanding of responsible gaming on the web.

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