Cato Pastoll, Advisor, P2P Lending

Cato Pastoll - Cato Pastoll, Advisor, P2P Lending

Cato Pastoll is the CEO and Co-Founder of Lending Loop, Canada’s first peer-to-peer lending marketplace for business lending. Prior to starting Lending Loop, Cato served as the Executive Vice President of a medium sized software consulting business. In addition to holding a senior management position, he attained experience building and managing robust commercial applications. Cato also brings relevant industry expertise from his time developing a loan evaluation and management solution for a private mortgage lender.


“I am tremendously excited to be working with the NCFA to bring Peer-to-Peer lending to Canada, and more importantly, help to educate Canadians on this model. Over the past 7 years, we have witnessed how platforms in established markets across the world have been able to drastically improve the economies of local communities and we can’t wait for the same to happen here in Canada,” said Cato Pastoll, Lending Loop

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