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Dec 15, 2022: Techstars Toronto Winter 2022 Demo Day

Techstars Toronto | Sunil Sharma | Dec 7, 2022

Techstarts Toronto DEMO Day 2022 Winter - Dec 15, 2022:  Techstars Toronto Winter 2022 Demo Day

We are excited to invite you to Techstars Toronto's seventh Demo Day Showcase! Join us on December 15th at 12:00 PM EST to meet the 12 companies graduating from the 2022 Winter Cohort.

This Demo Day Showcase will give the investor community a look at 12 companies poised to disrupt industries and change the world through their technology. With our incredible network of mentors, investors, and partners across Canada already in place, Techstars Toronto sets out to bring the world’s best to Canada.

This class spans from Canada to Africa. Investors take note, these companies mean business. Their traction and team size are seldom seen at this early stage, and their valuations are starting to soar, and surpassing a combined $100M USD already, which we believe is just the start.

Techstars Toronto Winter 2022 Demo Day

Dec 15th 12:00pm — 1:00pm EST

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Learn more about each of our 12 companies:

Raenest - Modern financial management tool for African remote workforce talent and global businesses.

Fez - Perfecting the last mile, one delivery at a time.

Renda - Providing fulfillment and logistics infrastructure that enables and empowers E-Commerce businesses to process large-volume orders across Africa.

Simpu - A unified customer communication & precision marketing platform for businesses.

Klas - An all-in-one platform for live learning.

StageKeep - A collaborative tool for creators to easily manage, design, and review the pre-production logistics, rehearsals, and videos for performance productions saving stakeholders time and money. - Reimagining Financial Services for Canadians.

LaborHack - A captive marketplace connecting artisans to certifications and jobs as well as laddered services including payments, savings, micro-credit, and micro health insurance.

Mamy Eyewear - Building the future of eyewear in Africa through powerful brands and tech.

Glover Technologies - The Leading Digital Assets Marketplace Providing Seamless Opportunities For Africans.

Speak Ai - Turn your language data into insights – fast and with no code.

GIGXPAD - An African financial asset platform that focuses on simplifying the processes of saving, investing, and spending value globally.

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