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Exploring the Potential Profits and Risks of Investing in iGaming Stocks in Canada

April 20, 2023

iGaming - Exploring the Potential Profits and Risks of Investing in iGaming Stocks in Canada

iGaming Stock Investment in Canada

The iGaming industry in Canada has seen a surge in stock investment as more investors recognize its growth potential. Playing online casino games is not the only way to engage financially with this market. An alternative, slower burn, and more stable approach are to invest in iGaming stocks in Canada because, with the growing trend of online gaming, the iGaming industry in Canada is expected to continue its growth trajectory, making it an attractive prospect for investors looking for high returns.

Unlocking Investment Opportunities: Exploring the World of iGaming Stocks

Stock investment is similar to casino games in that many make profits and others lose, although the time scale is longer. Whether a beginner to stock trading or an old hand, one sector worthy of consideration when it comes to investment is iGaming. For those unaware, iGaming involves gambling firms such as online casino operators.

It's important to consider the general picture of a sector and the specifics of an individual company when weighing up whether to invest or not (and how much to invest). The good news for iGaming investments is that the trend has been growing for some time, and the ceiling has not been hit yet. Indeed, within Canada, the domestic iGaming market will likely grow significantly in the next few years for reasons explored in more detail below. But it is critical not to be complacent and avoid the potential risks that attend any investment decision. Unlike placing wagers, investments that are beyond an investor's capacity to withstand if the stock's nosedive should not be made.

Identify Top Canadian Casinos and iGaming Stocks for Investment

Top iGaming stocks belong to firms that operate worldwide, including the USA, UK, Italy, and Canada. The sector has grown strongly for a long time and has a high degree of competition. This is a great thing for players as the battle for custom has pushed online casino operators to offer more generous introductory promotions and recurring bonuses. There's also been a race to create the most engaging and innovative games among software studios, which means more excellent slots and table games for players. The downside of this ever-improving picture is that the sheer number of online casinos makes searching for the best very time-consuming. When it comes to investing in iGaming stocks, it's important to recognize a reliable Canadian operator. One way to start this process is by looking at the best legal Canadian online casinos. By doing so, you can gain insight into the industry and identify which operators have a track record of providing safe and fair gaming experiences for players. This information can be crucial when deciding where to invest your money

Risks and Rewards of iGaming Stock Investment

The Canadian legal online casino sector is, as mentioned above, extremely competitive. This can mean substantial income from selling stocks that have risen in value or cash dividends paid to exist stockholders. Some firms offer stock dividends instead, which means being given more stocks rather than actual cash. Because the iGaming sector is in rude health, the overall forecast is for growth, but there is no guarantee that this will apply to every firm in the sector. Indeed, the main risk is that the competitive nature of the industry means that while there will be many winners, there will also be losers, which could see a stock plummet until it hits rock bottom.

One problem traders may face is knowing when to buy and sell. Buying a falling stock has sometimes been called trying to catch a falling knife (if you get it by the handle, you're fine, but if not, there will be a pain). A strategy for dealing with this, as most people cannot watch the market every second of the day, is to employ a trading bot with preset parameters to buy or sell to either lock in a minimum profit or to grab what is thought to be a bargain.

Another problem to be wary of is panicking at a small decline and selling prematurely or becoming complacent about a continually rising stock and refusing to sell and lock in profits at the right time. Unfortunately, because much of this is down to a judgment call (and random events can alter prices dramatically), only with hindsight can decisions be seen clearly. The best thing is to maintain a level head and not get either carried away or discouraged.

iGaming Stocks within Canada

A large range of iGaming stocks is available for Canadians to invest in. Among them is Contagious Gaming Inc. (CNS), headquartered in Ontario. The firm provides software-based gaming solutions intending to engage players and encourage a pattern of repeated interaction. Players can expect fair and transparent gaming experiences, providing multiple secure and convenient payment options and making it easy to deposit and withdraw funds promptly and efficiently. An alternative iGaming firm is Kuuhubb Inc. (KUU) which creates products aimed at the under-served female market, developing games and apps in this area.

Jackpot Digital Inc. (JJ) has headquarters in Vancouver and is an electronic table games manufacturer for brick-and-mortar and cruise ship casinos. One of its most significant products has been the 84" 4K touchscreen Jackpot Blitz experience, which enables players to access games such as blackjack, poker, and baccarat.

Why Now May Be the Time to Invest

Investment is not risk-free but can yield substantial rewards if luck or judgement is on the investors' side. Generally speaking, the iGaming market has been on the rise for years, so the question of when to invest may arise. Right now could be an eminently good moment for Canadians thinking of backing iGaming stocks to do so, and the reason for that is the recent progress made in legislation in this area.

The United States started the ball rolling by allowing the opening of domestic online casinos on a state-by-state basis. This success prompted the Canadian political class to realize not only could they keep wagering revenue onshore by doing likewise (also on a province-by-province basis) but that such a move would also undercut the widespread black gambling market. The first province to take advantage of legislative moves to permit such an online gambling marketplace was Ontario in early 2022, with the creation of iGaming Ontario.

Ontario is the most populous province, having the most reliable legal online casinos in Canada, and other provinces are likely to follow in its footsteps regarding domestic online gambling. There is hope and expectation of rapid growth within Canada regarding iGaming opportunities. Naturally, this positively impacts the prospects of iGaming stock performance within the country. While not a guarantee, this does bode well for short to medium-term.

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There's plenty of scope for investment in iGaming firms in Canada, whether taking a hands-off trading bot approach or handling everything oneself. Just remember to consider both when to buy and when to sell carefully.

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