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Crowdfunding Insights from 400K Kickstarter and Indiegogo Campaigns

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HiveWire | Asier Ania (NCFA Ambassador) | September 3, 2014

Data insights from 400K kick and indie campaigns 300x237 - Crowdfunding Insights from 400K Kickstarter and Indiegogo Campaigns

HiveWire, a crowdfunding research and solutions provider based in Toronto, has collaborated with Shopify to produce a crowdfunding infographic that showcases some of the insights we have generated in order to educate and inform those interested in crowdfunding.  The analysis presented here is a subset of HiveWire’s data and insights collection. We have ongoing analytics and insights projects for internal use and external customers. If you are interested in HiveWire services or products please contact them.

The analysis presented in the infographic is a snapshot of all crowdfunding activity on Kickstarter and Indiegogo, reward-based crowdfunding portals, as of Aug. 7th, 2014.   An overview of our methodology can be seen here and the original post can be seen here.

Total Amount Pledged on Kick and Indiegogo:

2011:  $138M
2013:  $1.17B
2015:  $4.35B (forecast)

Top Crowdfunding Cities in the US:

New York:  $157M (receives 10% of all funds pledged)
Los Angeles:  $146M
San Francisco:  $92M (receives 589% of all funds pledged more than NYC)
Chicago:  $36M
Seattle:  $36M
[Compare w/ London, UK:  $55M]

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Total Number of Pledges to Crowdfunding Campaigns: 


Are Female Founders successful at raising funds via Crowdfunding?:

37% of successful campaigns are run by female founders
[Compare with 5% of VC investments are allocated to female founders]

Success Rate by Goal Range:

53.4% of all successful campaigns had a funding target of < $10,000

Kickstarter vs. Indiegogo Comparison Chart:

Total Dollars Pledged:  $1.2B | $378M
Total Number of Pledges:  15.8M | 4.9M
Monthly Traffic Visits:  23M | 13.4M
Completed Campaigns:  154K | 246K
Success Rate:  43.4% | 9.8%

[NB:  there are differences between the two portals in terms of variable and fixed funding models and the restrictiveness of listing criterion.  95.6% of all Indiegogo campaigns are flex funding]

Characteristics of Successful Campaigns:

Average number of reward levels:  9
Average length of campaign:  35 days
Average number of updates:  8
Average number of comments:  17
Most popular contribution level:  $10 - $25
Average number of Facebook friends of Founders:  923
Average length of pitch video:  3mins 4 secs
Average word count in campaign description:  609
Average pledge:  $87

View the Source Infographic --> here


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share save 171 16 - Crowdfunding Insights from 400K Kickstarter and Indiegogo Campaigns

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