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Investing in Modern Day: Have the Viable Options Shifted?

March 16, 2023

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Investing has always been a fantastic way to diversify your capital and eventually profit over the long term. The question is, has the investment world changed so much that the traditional buying of stocks and shares and housing properties are no longer favoured for those looking to invest? Following, is a deep dive into some modern ways of investing in various areas.

Technology has been one of if not the biggest revolutionary changes for investors and companies alike. Apple and Microsoft began a new way of looking at businesses and essentially began a tech-boom for businesses to begin innovating and creating new business models. Research and development have always been a key component in any business, however, technology simply amplified this importance in order to keep up with the competition.

It’s no surprise that half of the top 10 public companies in the world are tech-related and include Google, Amazon, Nvidia and of course Apple and Google, the top 2. Technology goes hand-in-hand with many companies and is of great importance to innovate and produce tech that will enable for upgrades in efficiency and further company development.

Among the top 50 public companies’ breakdown, it’s not surprising to see mounds of tech-related or powered businesses filling the list. Due to the number of companies now being reliant on tech, cybersecurity and cloud systems have become not only increasingly popular, but absolutely necessary. Hacks and data breaches are becoming the biggest worry, with regulatory bodies handing out fines consistently and in turn, investments in cybersecurity have become a must in the tech sector.

Getting more control of your investments

During the initial outbreak of covid-19, there was an insurmountable change in the demand for crypto, with people unable to leave their homes during various lockdowns across the globe. This in turn, incited doubt into central authorities and people quickly turned to decentralised blockchains to attain the feeling of ownership once more. The mass turn of interest quickly pushed crypto-project owners to begin innovating and the number of NFT projects, DeFi platforms and native-tokens rose exponentially.

The SEC have not been reserved when assessing the crypto market, as with their ongoing case with XRP’s Ripple as a prime example. It’s worth noting that the SEC have lost 4 of 5 of their previous cases taken to the Supreme Court. Regardless of the outcome, this is only the beginning of such cases and it’s likely for all cryptocurrencies to be viewed as securities. This case is likely to shape the coming years in terms of regulating cryptocurrencies and is worth keeping one eye on.

Gaming has also been a hot topic over recent years in terms of investing. With the popularity soaring for streamers and gamers alike, sponsorships and major coverage of e-sports events have become immensely common. Streaming online casino games like baccarat for real money, slots, or even sports betting has seen some of the biggest streamers break records of viewers and followers on the massively popular streaming site Twitch.

ESports events have taken the gaming world by storm over the past couple of decades, with insane prize amounts and bounds of fans attending the highly-anticipated events of the year. Investing into gaming has never been a more viable option and its ever-growing popularity does not seem to be slowing, with the estimated market value of gaming overall nearing $200 Billion.

Apart from iGaming rewards, staking your crypto has also become a lot easier, allowing users to stake their crypto for monthly, or yearly staking rewards. Platforms such as Revolut have made the process of staking incredibly easy and doesn’t leave many blockers for the everyday user. Staking, however, has always been a hot topic and more specifically, whether staking rewards should be considered as a security.

What about old-fashioned investing?

Real estate has always been a favourite for investing and the reasoning behind it is quite simple, naturally, the property market has always been one of the most profitable areas and this has not changed whatsoever. However, investing in real-estate requires more maintenance and work from the buyer. Due to this, the interest in Real Estate Investment Trusts have become massively popular in comparison. This enables buyers to place their foot into the real estate markets without having to do the leg-work.

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Investing in the stock market hasn’t necessarily become less popular but more than other forms or avenues of investing have risen majorly in popularity. There’s certainly been a shift in interest amid concerns about worldwide financial markets, post covid. Technology and gaming are certainly looking like they may have the best projections upcoming due to the sheer popularity and interest in both.

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