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Slack Survey Insights: How to Make Hybrid Work Successful

Management Today UK | Sep 23, 2022

Remote teams at work - Slack Survey Insights:  How to Make Hybrid Work SuccessfulWe may have all been talking about it for the last two years, but the new normal remains an ongoing experiment. As industries shift towards a digital-first world of work, it is inevitable that there will be missteps.

Invest in the right technologies

  • You need a digital space for both work and the personal interactions that help form team bonds, and this is why investing in the right tech is crucial.
  • Slack research found that 59% of UK workers would like to see their employer introduce new technologies to help teams collaborate, wherever they are. Almost a third say technology plays a significant role in how connected and included they feel in the workplace.

Move to a digital HQ 

  • A digital-first approach enabled by a digital HQ is crucial in this new world of work as it connects teams, tools, customers, and partners all on one platform without silos - allowing employees to share knowledge, culture, and identity.

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  • “The key benefit of a digital HQ for us is having access to a much broader and more diverse pool of talent, as we are not restricted to only hire where our office is located,” says Richard Dana, founder and CEO of Tembo.
  • Build a great culture:  Great culture is about being open and sharing knowledge.  “One of the biggest benefits of equipping a hybrid and distributed workforce with the right digital tools is not just helping them stay connected on the day-to-day stuff, but also the important role it plays in helping them develop relationships with each other - which ultimately helps you build and maintain a company culture,” says Bezzina.

Ensure staff aren’t always ‘on’

  • In a hybrid world, remote management requires a shift in mindset from focussing on employees’ time to focussing on their output. To aid this, remote employees need to know they’re being supported outside of regular one-to-one catch-ups, so make a list of staff you’d like to check in with each day over a video call. These touches make a big difference.
  • Set boundaries for the team so they do not feel pressured to be ‘always on’,” says Mathew. “I believe the best way to set those boundaries is by setting an example myself, which is why I refrain from messaging team members, be that via Slack, email, or telephone, outside of office hours.”

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Rebecca Bezzina, SVP MD of global creative agency R/GA:

Technology is really the modern backbone of any successful business.  We have a more distributed workforce than pre-pandemic, meaning people are spending less time in a physical space and subsequently more time collaborating and communicating online. So it’s critical that businesses invest in the right technologies to support workforces that have become distributed to enable and support teams to work cohesively and efficiently.

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