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7 Tips if You Want to Become a Software Developer

Feb 8, 2023

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Software development is a perfect career path for STEM students. It's a fast-evolving industry that needs thinkers with good problem-solving skills and a passion for fresh tech solutions. Even if you are studying a major that can secure your place in the industry, you can learn from different places. It is especially beneficial for students who get bored easily or want professional development at any stage of their career journey.

As a tech student, you might start looking at the opportunities open for you. While you are still at college, you can find a trustworthy service to answer your question: “what can help write my essay” and manage your workload. Meanwhile, you can use tips and tricks that land you a job in software development. Don’t wait for your graduation day or waste your time and start your research and practice today.

Software developer core skills

You will obtain most of the required hard skills during your major and additional courses. Here are some core skills you need to succeed in software development:

  • Understanding of data structures and algorithms;
  • Programming languages;
  • Proficiency in source control;
  • Knowledge of databases and their maintenance;
  • Testing skills;
  • Encryption and cryptography knowledge;

The tech world never stays the same. If you believe you have learned enough, you might be trapped in a false sense of comfort. It is extremely important for a developer to always look for new knowledge and improve their skills. Even if your employer doesn’t ask you to go the extra mile, you contribute to your confidence and future project efficiency.

Practice coding

Coding is an essential part of software development responsibilities. Practicing coding allows you to understand designing, error handling, threading, and other aspects of development. Even though it may seem repetitive and overwhelming, you cannot escape this part of your journey. Practice is the only way to become proficient in something.

If you need more time to practice, you can clear your workload with the best research writing services’ help available for you at any moment. Don’t postpone practicing for later. It is better to start as early as you can to get valuable experience and skills.

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Image: Unsplash/ThisisEngineering RAEng

Open Source practice

Open Source projects are perfect for beginners and pros in software development. When you contribute to the Open Source code, you improve your skills. You also get unique feedback. It is the practice that counts as real-life experience because you are not isolated but collaborate with other programmers. Read discussions, ask questions, and offer your opinions.

Find a mentor 

Some people study better when they have a mentor. If you can, find a workshop or practical course where you get enough individual attention. A person with more experience and knowledge can keep you motivated and cheer you on.

Programming and development are built on collaboration and cooperation. Therefore, don’t be afraid to reach out for help and make mistakes. The results would be worth it.

Read literature and blogs

It is about time for you to add more books and blogs to your bookmarks. Reading professional literature is essential to grasp everything about coding and software development. In several years, your library will count both good and bad software development books. You can tell the difference only after you read dozens of them.

Here are some books suggestions for your consideration:

  • Clean Code by Robert Cecil Martin (2008);
  • Clean Architecture by Robert Cecil Martin (2017);
  • Fundamentals of Software Architecture: An Engineering Approach by Mark Richards (2020);
  • The Pragmatic Programmer: Your Journey To Mastery by David Thomas and Andrew Hunt (2019);
  • Accelerate: The Science of Lean Software and DevOps: Building and Scaling High Performing Technology Organizations by Nicole Forsgren Ph.D., Jez Humble, and Gene Kim (2018);

Also, follow these blogs to stay updated on the latest news:

  • CodeBetter;
  • Coding Horror;
  • Joel on Software;
  • Geeks for Geeks;
  • .cult by Honeypot;

Practice and learn more about programming

If you want to be regarded as a good software developer, you need to get experience in data structures, algorithms, and Computer Science basics. It will give you a great advantage in structuring your program and solving rising problems. A data structure, algorithms, System design, and Software architecture, add these to your learning list today. You get to polish them in years, but you cannot enter your first job and say you don’t know it.

Even though it may seem like a lot, learning everything about your future niche is crucial. Many software developers and programmers overlook the fact that development is a solid entity. In order to achieve the result, you need to understand all components.

Network as much as you can

You can be one of the most brilliant minds in your industry, but your attempts will fall short without the right people. Networking is essential to land your first job and keep up with industry trends. It is more than just knowing people. You get to become a part of a community and share your knowledge.

While your first priority is your hard skills, you have to connect with others, too. You can find a lot of great mentors and teachers that will give you more than any manual out there. So, don’t overlook the power of networking and make the most of it by being your authentic self.

Don’t overlook communication 

Communication is relevant for many developers. Failing to get your message to other developers and clients results in more than a tense work environment. It can seriously affect your project's success. Communication is also about listening to others and taking notes from their feedback.

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Communication is a great addition to your resume and career development. Be sure to attend courses for various types of communication. You will thank yourself in the future.


Your journey to software development will be complex. In the process, you might want to give up on it several times or change your goals completely. Keep trying and practicing. At the end of the day, you will feel rewarded for trying your best and seeing the results of your hard work.

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